In The Night- A Poem


Maiden White coiled in moonlight,

Death is always waiting,

By candle in the witching hour,

For her breath abating,


Hushed whispers down the corridor,

The ghosts just passing through,

Tears glitter in the dark,

Oh, turn another screw,


She calls the devils with her spell,

“Bring them onto me”,

Painted by shades of afterlife,

Screaming like a banshee,


Fingers move up the bed sheets,

This is silent revelation,

Feeding from the bone,

Whatʼs another violation?


They take it all,

Drank the milk straight from her breast,

And she prays to fall,

Against the safety of Abrahamʼs chest,


Breathe in, breathe out,

Dawn is just within her reach,

Unfathomable fathoms,

Slither back to the breach,


Closing the gates behind them,

Limbs rising from the bed,

Another night sheʼs lived through,

And many more to dread.


Something in Me’s Changing

Cast chains across this wooden door,

Something in meʼs changing,

Writhing on the dirty floor,

My Bodyʼs Rearranging,


Tore the pillows clear apart,

Bathed the room in blood and feather,

Used to be pure of heart,

Iʼm breaking free from my tether,


The fever sets in with the harvest moon,

Iʼm chanting one last prayer,

The Wolfbaneʼs full in bloom,

Unwind the ribbons from my hair,


Forming an unholy skin,

Cutting a new set of teeth,

Howling out my greatest sin,

Shedding my former sheath,


Running out into the night,

Heart pumping in my ears,

Trailing blood on snow of white,

Licking up my salty tears,


Iʼve strayed off the beaten path,

Got to feed this hunger,

Growling wild ancient wrath,

Itʼs come to tear me asunder,


Falling onto hallowed ground,

Oh Iʼve sunk so low,

Iʼve become Perdition bound,

Where the seeds of madness grow,


The wind it steals my breath,

I hear them coming round the bend,

Now is the hour of my death,

I know how this will end,


Bearing pitchforks and torches,

Theyʼve come to burn me whole,

The golden flame it scorches,

Burning flesh, purifying soul.