Something in Me’s Changing

Cast chains across this wooden door,

Something in meʼs changing,

Writhing on the dirty floor,

My Bodyʼs Rearranging,


Tore the pillows clear apart,

Bathed the room in blood and feather,

Used to be pure of heart,

Iʼm breaking free from my tether,


The fever sets in with the harvest moon,

Iʼm chanting one last prayer,

The Wolfbaneʼs full in bloom,

Unwind the ribbons from my hair,


Forming an unholy skin,

Cutting a new set of teeth,

Howling out my greatest sin,

Shedding my former sheath,


Running out into the night,

Heart pumping in my ears,

Trailing blood on snow of white,

Licking up my salty tears,


Iʼve strayed off the beaten path,

Got to feed this hunger,

Growling wild ancient wrath,

Itʼs come to tear me asunder,


Falling onto hallowed ground,

Oh Iʼve sunk so low,

Iʼve become Perdition bound,

Where the seeds of madness grow,


The wind it steals my breath,

I hear them coming round the bend,

Now is the hour of my death,

I know how this will end,


Bearing pitchforks and torches,

Theyʼve come to burn me whole,

The golden flame it scorches,

Burning flesh, purifying soul.

Horror Movie Review: The Monster Squad



One hundred years before the story begins, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing and his band of freedom fighters attempted to rid the world of vampires and monsters in Transylvania.  They blew it.

The Monster Squad is a 1987 film, written by Shane Black and Fred Dekker, directed by Fred Dekker, and make-up effects by Stan Winston.

Present day pre-teens Sean (Andrew Gower), Patrick (Robby Kiger), Eugene (Michael Faustino) and Horace (Brent Chalem) are horror obsessed fanatics that call their tight circle of friends The Monster Club, later calling themselves the Monster Squad . They recruit middle schooler, Rudy (Ryan Lambert), who saves Horace from a pair of schoolyard bullies. After recruiting Rudy, Sean is called down to dinner by sister Phoebe (Ashley Bank) and is given a diary by his mother that she found at a garage sale, which turns out to be the diary of Van Helsing.

Meanwhile, Count Dracula (Duncan Regehr) recruits the Wolfman (Carl Thibault), the Mummy (Michael Reid MacKay), Frankenstein’s Monster (Tom Noonan), and the Gillman (Tom Woodruff Jr.), aka The Creature From The Black Lagoon, to search for, and destroy, a fabled amulet of pure good.  The amulet is only vulnerable to destruction once every century, the last occurrence being Van Helsing’s failed attempt.


The Monster Squad deduces that there are monsters in their town from news reports of a missing mummy from the museum, and a man walking out of a morgue after being shot at a police station.  They learn about the amulet themselves after taking Van Helsing’s diary to be translated from German to English by, who they refer to as, The Scary German Guy (Leonardo Cimino). They run into, and befriend Frankenstein’s Monster, who accompanies them on their quest to find the amulet themselves before the monsters do.  

I love this movie because it calls back to all those days where I would sit and wonder what I would do if I ever encountered these same monsters.  This movie is a great mix of light horror elements and comedy.  Is this movie scary? Not at all, but this is a great film that still holds up today.