Midsummer Scream Tickets on Sale Now!

Midsummer-Scream-2017_Postcard-696x1024Alright all you Halloween, horror, and haunt enthusiasts! Tickets are now on sale for Midsummer Scream, the biggest Halloween festival of the year. In case you’re unfamiliar with Midsummer Scream, it’s a summertime extravaganza dedicated to Halloween and haunts. Many of the California based haunts and theme parks, including Knott’s, Universal Studios, and Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, made their official Halloween announcements at Midsummer Scream.

Theme Park Adventure (@TPAMagazine), the co-creators of Midsummer Scream, have announced some of the lineup for this year’s event that includes the Decayed Brigade, Zombie Joe’s Underground, Return Home Podcast, Force of Nature Productions, Mudd The Magnificent, and many more to be announced.

They also announced the return of the Hall of Shadows, Midsummer Scream’s own scarezone which features numerous mini-haunts.


For you party ghouls, this year’s party will be hosted aboard the Queen Mary by Dark Harbor’s Sinister Circus!


I know that I speak for the whole All Hallows’ Haunts team when I say last year’s Midsummer Scream was not just the best Halloween convention we had been to, but it was the best overall convention that any of us had ever attended. We can’t wait for July when Midsummer Scream returns!!!

Midsummer Scream takes place Saturday July 29th and Sunday July 30th, 2017 at the Long Beach convention center. Tickets are on sale and can be bought at MidsummerScream.org . You can also follow them on Twitter/Periscope: @MidsummerScream, and Instagram: @MidsummerScream.

Be sure to follow All Hallows’ Haunts here and on Twitter (@HallowsHaunts) for more information on Midsummer Scream as more announcements are made.

(Midsummer Scream Poster by Midsummer Scream.)


A Special AHH Anniversary!

12670167_10153237045047750_5102022318822753542_n.jpgThe very first AHH meeting.

As of yesterday, All Hallows’ Haunts hit our one year anniversary. It’s been a crazy and wonderful year for us. We’ve got to do so many things and meet a variety of new friends from the horror community. In 2016, we got to experience Midsummer Scream, Scare LA, Stan Lee’s Comic Con, Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, and so much more. Andy and our Force of Nature friend, Sebastian Munoz built the Fallen Saints haunt from the ground up. Lola transformed into every creature under the moon for the ghoulish theatre experience, Urban Death. Finally, our little claws typed numerous articles on topics both delightfully spooky and frighteningly disturbing.

12049186_10153073784827750_6124095253612958666_n.jpgThe AHH founders with our friend, Vincent.

When we started this journey, we didn’t have a clue. Each step has been a learning process, and we’re still growing. However, there is one thing that has remained consistent, and that is our supporters. We’ve received so much love from the horror community. That love drives us to do more, to be better. That love has radiated from every dark, cobwebbed corner. So we want to say thank you. Thank you for engaging us at conventions, thank you for reading and sharing our content, and thank you so much for your kindness.

13422340_1754294864783083_5834912263037025618_o.jpgAndy and Lola with our friends, Sebastian and Adam.

In 2017, we intend to stay focused, and to expand our reach. We’d like to try our hand at other forms of media, in addition to the ones we already use. We’re undergoing some big changes right now, and it may be awhile before we feel settled. We ask that you stick with us and provide honest feedback. As the site mutates and develops, we promise to continue supporting Halloween enthusiasts, horror fiends, and other macabre weirdos. This is starting to get so sweet we’re worried about drawing mosquitos, so we’ll close with a final thank you to you, our dear friends.


The All Hallows’ Haunts 2016 Awards

With 2016 almost in the books and 2017 right around the corner, the team here at All Hallows’ Haunts thought it would be fun to look back at what we thought was the best of the best in 2016. So, without further ado, here are the All Hallows’ Haunts 2016 Awards.


Andy’s Pick- Hush

Lola’s Pick- Train to Busan


TV Show

Andy’s Pick-  The Exorcist

Lola’s Pick- Stranger Things

netflix stranger things poster.jpg

Creepy Album

Andy’s Pick- Metallica- Hardwired To Self-Destruct

Lola’s Pick – Birdeatsbaby- Tanta Furia



Andy’s Pick- Maggie Goes To Hollywood & Maggie Reloaded by Kate Danley

Lola’s Pick- I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid

I'm thinking of ending things.jpg


Andy’s Pick- Midsummer Scream 

Lola’s Pick – Midsummer Scream


Unique Event

Andy’s Pick- Serial Killer Speed Dating

Lola’s Pick- Halloween Club’s 4th Annual Spookshow



Andy’s Pick- Demonic Housewives

Lola’s Pick – Wicked Lit




Andy’s Pick- Knott’s Scary Farm

Lola’s Pick – Knott’s Scary Farm


Haunt Show/Attraction

Andy’s Pick- Queen Mary’s Freak Show

Lola’s Pick- Micah Cover’s Haunted House Calls




Andy’s Pick- Shadowlands (Knott’s Scary Farm)

Lola’s Pick – Shadow Lands (Knott’s Scary Farm)


Scare Zone

Andy’s Pick- The Hollows (Knott’s Scary Farm) 

Lola’s Pick – Fiesta de los Muertos


TV Live- Twilight Zone Meets Theater


All photos by Adam Neubauer

Imagine a strange and horrifying world. In this universe, time can be bent, the dead can return, and irony reigns supreme. Here, characters find themselves at a crossroads between the mundane and the downright bizarre. No, it’s not The Twilight Zone. It’s TV Live.

TV Live is a short evening of mini plays reminiscent of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Night Gallery, and Tales From the Darkside. Each story is introduced by a Rod Serling type character played by Michele Danyn.

The first play follows a young nurse (Bonnyjean Hoffert) as she attempts to help a patient with multiple personalities. As she assists a sweet  young patient, she must also face his killer persona (both played by Tucker Matthews). Always waiting near by is lobotomy happy doctor (Mark Motyl). Written by Andy Shultz and directed by Adam Neubauer, the piece is a creative tribute to the asylum based thrillers of the 60s like Shock Corridor.


The next segment, written by Steven Alloway and directed by JC Gafford  concerns time travel, romance, and betrayal. The story revolves around  a young actress (Katie Grace Hansen) playing a role on a sci-fi television show. It quickly becomes apparent that it’s more than just a role. She must unravel her feelings for her showrunner/former lover (Sam Horrilleno) and also deal with her wacky costar (David Kaufman). While I was entranced by the plot, I didn’t feel the performances did the writing justice. I commend all three actors for putting forth an honorable effort, but the emotions didn’t seem to be there.


The third and strongest piece of the night is a bittersweet tale by Caroline Muniak and directed by Sebastian Munoz. This testament to everlasting love centers on a woman (Sherry Michaels) struggling with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Her husband (Tom Jones) and his younger self (Nathan Pellow) lend all of their support. I won’t spoil it for you, but the ending sure tugs on the heartstrings in an honest, non Hallmark Channel way. All three actors are outstanding. It’s their performances that allow this piece to have such a heavy impact.


The concluding play amps up the tension, by placing two criminals (Sasha Snow and Ali Graba) and their hostage (Skip Pipo) in a bank vault. Throw in two guns and some personal secrets and the situation turns ugly fast. This story, written by Adam Neubauer, and directed by James R. Eschom has a decent premise. However, the specific details of the plot aren’t made clear, which causes this thriller to fall flat. Without context, it’s difficult for me to feel invested in the relationships of these three characters. I’d almost like to see this story remade in a longer format to allow more time for things to develop.


TV Live is a great ride for those who love classic episodic sci-fi. While, the show may not be completely even in quality, it’s never dull. I could tell that all involved brought grand amounts of care to create this endeavor. I imagine Rod Serling himself would be proud. Audiences have one more Sunday to catch TV Live in its current form. After that, the show will return with an all new show in the same format. For times and tickets, readers should visit fonprods.tix.com/schedule.aspx.

Demonic Housewives Is A Home Run!

DH Postcard proof 4(Postcard by Adam Neubauer)

For most theatre and production companies in Los Angeles, they live and die by their first show. Some are a hit, many others, a miss. In the case of Force of Nature Productions world premier of Thomas J. Misuraca’s new play, Demonic Housewives, they didn’t just come out swinging. They hit a Grand Slam!

(Photo by Adam Neubauer)

After the mysterious death of her Aunt Wanda (Lee Quarrie), Darcy (Lara Fisher) and her best friend Rae (Caitlin McCormick) visit the small town of Hobsville to attend to her Aunt’s affairs. What they soon discover is that several of the housewives, led by Millicent (Redetha Deason), are using black magic and summoning demons to keep control over their small town, and eventually, the world. Thus begins a battle for control as Darcy learns to harness her newfound power and goes head to head with Millicent. What ensues is a true battle of good vs. evil.

 (Photo by Adam Neubauer)

This show goes all out from beginning to end. As soon as you walk in to the theatre, you are greeted by the wonderful live music performed by Jennifer Novak Chun and Elif Savas, better known as the “Demonic Duo,” who not only provide live pre-show music, but also provide all the live music and sound effects throughout the show. The addition of a live score adds a nice icing to the already delicious cake.

img_2585(Photo by Adam Neubauer)

The cast, entirely female, is phenomenal, filled with wonderful characters. Redetha Deason is cunning and evil as Millicent, the main antagonist. You love to hate her. Beth Fisher is hilarious as the sweet, but dimwitted Peggy, Millicent’s sidekick. They are joined by Monet Hendricks as Kim, who wants to be good, but is easily manipulated into joining Millicent’s covenant. Opposing them is Lara Fisher as Darcy, Wanda’s niece. She is the total opposite of Millicent. Cunning, with attitude. You want her to win. She is supported by the strong comedic timing of Caitlin McCormick as Rae, Darcy’s best friend. They are supported in their efforts against Millicent by the very funny Lee Quarrie as Wanda, Darcy’s dead aunt and former witch. Filling out the cast are the wonderful Susie Horton, Aubrey Manning, and Anne Westcott as the church choir and providing some fantastic songs and commentary. Each performer creates a unique character that is different and strong.

(Photo by Adam Neubauer)

Giving the actors the tools to work with is the strong and witty script by Thomas J. Miscuraca (@GeeksMusical). It’s an over the top comedy that keeps the laughs coming. The dialogue is sharp and straight to the point; perfect for this style of comedy.

 (Photo by Adam Neubauer)

Taking the reigns as director and producer is Force of Nature Productions founder, Sebastian Munoz (@CiNeMaMaN8). His strengths as a director shine, as he was able to lead this wonderful cast to some amazing performances. Something I’ve observed with all of Sebastian’s shows is his talent and ability to bring a cast together as a family that wants everyone and everything about a show to succeed. It’s inspirational to see that. Supporting Munoz and serving as Assistant Director is Angelia Weitzman. Jahel Corban Caldera serves as Stage Manager.

 (Photo by Adam Neubauer)

This being a horror-comedy, I want to point out that there was one truly scary moment that creeped me out. A scene with Millicent, Peggy, and Kim chanting; the lights a deep red and the music, dark and moody. From where I sat, Millicent, Peggy, and Kim’s eyes seemed to be entirely black. It was incredibly freaky. After the show, I asked them if they were wearing contacts, and they said no. I just happened to be sitting in the right seat at the right time.

 (Photo by Adam Neubauer)

Demonic Housewives is funny, scary, and creepy in all the right ways. There is never a moment where the audience isn’t entertained or bored. The cast is wonderful and having fun. I believe if the cast is having fun, then the audience will have fun. What more could you ask for in a night at the theatre.

Do yourself a favor: go see Demonic Housewives. You will need to hurry  and get your tickets ASAP as the show is selling out fast! Then do yourself another favor. Go on Twitter and Facebook and follow Force of Nature Productions (@fonprods, http://www.fonproductions.com) They have announced that they have a few exciting things in the works coming out over the next few months and they are sure to be amazing!

Demonic Housewives runs Thursday and Sunday evenings, April 14th through May 1st. Performances will be at 8pm Thursdays and 7pm Sundays. Tickets are $20 and can be bought at the door or at www.archwayla.com. Tickets will sell out, so please get them early.

The Archway Studio/Theatre (@ArchwayLA) is located at 10509 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601