Ash Vs Evil Dead: The Morgue

Just when you thought that you may have seen everything you could possibly see in the Evil Dead Universe, Ash vs Evil Dead proved you wrong. Episode 2 of the second season, saw our heroes begin their quest to retrieve the Necronomicon, with some zany, disgusting, and hilarious mishaps along the way.

The episode entitled “The Morgue” immediately left off right where the last episode began with Ash and company attempting to obtain the Necronomicon. Unfortunately, Ruby hid it in the body of a corpse that’s currently in the town’s morgue. Well, they make a plan: Ash and Kelly will go to the morgue, while Pablo stays behind to watch Ruby.

While Ash and Kelly leave, Pablo attempts to get answers from Ruby as to what’s been happening to him. Ruby turns the tides on him and interrogates him, discovering that he has been having premonitions since his encounter with the Necronomicon.

As for Ash and Kelly, they make it to the morgue. While Kelly acts as look out, Ash begins to brutally disect the many corpses looking for the book. Finally realizing it’s in the very last corpse, Ash attempts to retrieve the book. However, the body’s intestines refuse to let go. In one of the all time greatest scenes in Evil Dead History, Ash battles with this snake/worm like intestines monster that literally pulls Ash up in the, (and I apologize for the language), ass of the of the corpse. Then hilarity ensues as Ash battles the the monster while stuck up the corpse’s ass. Ultimately, Ash wins, gets the Necronomicon, and rejoins Kelly.

Back at the house, Ruby forces the truth out of Pablo in a vision and discovers that a demon known as Baal is coming. The interrogation is brief as they are interrupted by the deadite impersonation Ash’s Dad’s girlfriend. Ash and Kelly arrive just in time to see Ruby and Pablo defeat the deadite imposter. With the deadite dead and the Necronomicon retrieved, Ash and company celebrate. The party doesn’t last long. Ash’s car is stolen by some teenagers, with the Necronomicon in the trunk.

Overall, I had some mixed emotions with the episode. I totally agree that the slapstick humor was top notch. the scene with Ash being shoved up the corpse’s ass was hilarious, but it felt like the episode was mainly fluff, just to set up for the scene. With the show being only a half hour long, you need to make the most of time and I felt it was used to make one epic joke.

It begs the question, what’s next? Where does the show go next with its comedy? The morgue scene was a whole new level of slapstick, but how do you top it? My fear is it peaked too soon and we might be seeing the end of the series before it even gets there. I mean, we still learned a lot and the dialogue is still great. Still, the physical comedy has always been an important part of Evil Dead.  My hope is that I’m overreacting. The episode was still enjoyable, hilarious, but I do see cause to worry. Let’s hope this Sunday’s episode will put our doubts to rest.

Ash vs Evil Dead airs sundays on Starz. Check your local listings for times and channels.

(All photos from Starz.)

Get Your Boomstick! Ash Is Back!

Time to get your boomstick, your chainsaw, and your epic grooviness ready- Ash is back for Season 2 of the hit Starz show, Ash vs Evil Dead.

Last season saw our groovy hero (Bruce Campbell) return to clean up his mess… again. This time, with two companions who want to see the Deadites go back to Hell. At the end of the season one finale, Ash struck a deal with Ruby (Lucy Lawless), the author of the Necronomicon. The deal allows Ruby to reign, while Ash, Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo), and Pablo (Ray Santiago) get to live peacefully in Florida, partying it up and drinking. Then, on Sunday’s season two premiere episode “Home,” Ash’s happy little existence is interrupted again as Ruby has calls off her truce and sends her Deadites to kill him. In true Evil Dead fashion, Ash goes right back into battle and creates a blood bath of epic proportions.

Before Ash finishes off the last Deadite, she taunts him with an old familiar song, “Ashey Slashey.” It turns out the song was a joke started by the people of Ash’s hometown, after he was the only survivor of the cabin (The events of the Evil Dead Trilogy). Enraged, Ash packs up the crew and heads home to find and kill Ruby.

Obviously, Ash’s homecoming isn’t appreciated by the townsfolk, since trouble seems to follow him everywhere. Even his own father (Lee Majors) has issues with him. As the team explores the town, looking for signs of where Ruby is hiding, Pablo has a nightmarish vision. It’s revealed that Pablo has been suffering these visions since he was possessed last season by the Necronomicon. Luckily for our heroes, the vision also reveals the location of Ruby- an old abandoned plant.

Ash and company arrive at the plant, and go into battle against Ruby’s demon shadow children, who have grown quite strong. Eventually, Ash finds Ruby, and discovers that she broke the truce in order to bring Ash to help her. She’s lost control of her demon children and needs Ash’s help to defeat them and to retrieve the Necronomicon. Reluctantly, Ash agrees to a temporary truce. So, once again it’s Ash vs the Evil Dead!

The season premiere continued the success from where the first season left off. It also kept me invested, interested, and on the edge of my seat the entire time. By the end of the Deadite scene in the bar, with blood and body parts everywhere, I felt as if I were home.

Above all, I appreciated the show’s continued use of more practical effects over computer effects. It adds that classic campiness of great “B” horror movies and the Evil Dead franchise itself.

Let me just say how much I love the Evil Dead franchise. It’s just beautiful, and amazing, and gives me a warm feeling all over. From the writing, the direction, the effects, and the charm of Bruce Campbell, the movies and the show are a perfect combination. With that, I highly recommend Ash vs Evil Dead. It’s great, campy, scary, and fun. You won’t regret it.

Ash vs Evil Dead airs Sundays on Starz. Check you local listings for channels and times.

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Evil Dead The Musical 4D: Devilishly Well-Done


The gang here at All Hallows’ Haunts caught Evil Dead The Musical 4D at the Tommy Wind Theater during our recent sojourn to the City of Lights.

Adapted from the Sam Raimi film, Evil Dead The Musical 4D, is everything an Evil Dead  fan could want (and for the extreme die hard fans, a whole lot more). All of your favorite characters are there, all of your favorite moments are there. Yes, people get murdered on stage. Yes, it is fake and silly, and ridiculously messy. So, so messy. So 4D. And messy.

You want to be a part of the show? Enjoy the messiness? Buy the VIP tickets. You’ll be treated to a white t-shirt signed by the cast and encouraged to put it on before the show starts so it will be covered in fake blood as the show progresses. Encouraged might be a bit of a misnomer here, as no one opted to not put the shirts on.

To say the show is fun is a complete and total understatement. The cast pitches this show so hard, I thought they might be all vying for the Cy Young Award this year. They especially pay attention to the Splatter Zone, as they know those are the fans that can quote the movie by heart. At one point, an actor just stood on stage, talking to an audience member, continuously spraying her with blood. This must’ve lasted for at least 60 seconds. She loved it. (When they didn’t, the actors would scream at them, “YOU PAID EXTRA FOR THIS”.)


Even if you’re not a fan of the movie, the live show is worth the price of admission. You don’t need to be drenched in blood to enjoy it, as the show is put together really well. The songs are on note, the actors are fantastic, and everyone is having fun.

If you’re a fan of the movie and like campy theater, I highly recommend seeing the show.

There’s just one caveat. A really, really big caveat.

The Tommy Wind Theater is terrible. It’s not designed to hold a large audience for a show that could garner this much attention. The staff is pleasant, but obviously have no real experience running live shows. Our group showed up at 7:28pm for a 7:30pm show to find out that our VIP seats (yes, we’re those Evil Dead freaks that want to be covered in fake blood) had been sold out from under us. No cast-signed T-shirts. No free show specific shots. No getting covered in gallons of amazingly fake blood.

We did get to be seated on a side of the theater that we were told, twice, was “horrible seating”. Once was by the staff (who could have sat us anywhere else), and once by the actor introducing the show. We missed a clear third of the stage, and about half of the action in the first act.

At the intermission, I moved to the back and enjoyed a full view of the second act.

We paid for a VIP show and got less than a whole show. It was disappointing. Especially, considering just how good the show turned out to be. The Tommy Wind Theater needs to fix this, immediately. I get selling seats to people who don’t show, but to be treated as such is just downright unprofessional.

Despite this, I’m still recommending the show. It’s just too damn good to pass up.

Tickets available at Evil Dead The Musical.