3 Horror Films I’m Thankful For


With Thanksgiving weekend coming to an end, now seemed like the perfect time to analyze what horror films have had a major impact on my life. The films on this list will nod be judged by their popularity or even how good they are, rather this will be a list of personal significance. With that being said, let’s get rolling.


May– When I think of personal movies, the first film that comes to mind is May. Psychological horror films revolving around disturbed girls hold a dear place in my bloody heart. May came into my life at a time when I was practically hemorrhaging loneliness. To this day I feel like May is a kindred spirit. Ok, so she’s a bit more axe crazy than I am (a bit), but at her core, she’s just a sad, weird girl who wants a friend. From a filmmaking standpoint, Lucky McKee’s little gem taught me that horror films can be quirky, heartfelt, and creepy all at the same time.


UzumakiTomie was actually my first introduction to Junji Ito. While I love Tomie, Uzumaki is the manga/film that most resembles my own spiral into madness. Confused? Let me explain. For as long as I can remember I’ve dealt with some form of OCD. My case is quite severe, and has been a major hindrance in my life. Uzumaki revolves around a town that becomes obsessed with spirals. Although, the characters in Uzumaki are being controlled by supernatural forces, and my own condition is related to brain chemicals, I still see parallels. The movie follows the manga fairly closely. It even retains its chapter format. I think fans of Lovecraft will embrace Junji Ito and his bizarre spiral fascination.


Freaks– Anyone that knows me knows I love a good circus. Whether it’s Cirque du Soleil or some barely functioning traveling circus, I love them all. Like May, Freaks, is  a heartwarming, yet gruesome tale of outsiders struggling to be who they are. The film stars actual freaks, and was considered quite shocking for its time. I applaud Tod Browning for taking such a controversial risk. Browning was a major player in Hollywood, but he was still an out of the box thinker. I hope to always show such courage in my own artistic feats.

There you have it, the top 3 horror films I’m thankful for. What  horror movies are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter. Happy Thanksgiving!