Creepiest Pokemon Countdown

With the recent popularity of Pokemon Go, I thought I’d take this opportunity to express my own love of Pokemon. I grew up with Pokemon, so these weird little creatures will always hold a special place in my heart. While all Pokemon are kind of strange, some are definitely weirder than others. With that being said, today I’ll be counting down the creepiest, most bizarre of the batch. For the purposes of this article, I’ll only be focusing on the original 151. Alright, let’s get started!


10. Primeape is very much a Planet of the Apes type Pokemon. Primeapes have nasty tempers and are prone to violent outbursts. Once you’ve angered a Primeape, there is no escaping it.


9. Muk is exactly what his name implies, he’s a pile of poisonous goo. Though Muk is mostly a benevolent creature, he has a tendency to contaminate everything he touches. His essence can kill plants, cause Pokemon and humans to become sick, and even pollute entire lakes. Muk can be found in your typical dirty alley, sewer, or garbage can.


8. Gyarados is modeled after the mythological dragons of ancient China. How a wimpy Magikarp evolves into such a majestic and powerful creature is beyond me. Apparently, in China, it was believed that a carp could transform into a dragon by swimming upstream. Gyarados are easily angered and have a tendency to cause Godzilla level destruction. Gyarados have burned entire villages to the ground. It’s safe to say that pissing off one of these water dragons is a bad move.


7. Slowbro is the evolved form of Slowpoke. Slowbro is actually two Pokemon combined into one. This is where the creepy part comes in. A Slowbro is a Slowpoke that has a Shellder attached to its tail. The Shellder bites down on the Slowpoke’s tail, latching on to it. The Shellder releases toxins into the Slowbro which eliminate the pain of the bite. Though this evolution is mutually beneficial, that doesn’t change the fact that Slowpoke has to go through life with a giant poisonous crustacean biting its ass.


6. Victreebel reminds me a lot of Little Shop of Horrors. This carnivorous plant uses a soothing waving motion of the vine on its head, and emits a sweet smell to lure in small animals and Pokemon. Then it shatters the false sense of security by swallowing its victims whole. Victreebel are thought to live in hordes in the depths of the jungle. Many have gone searching for them, but none have returned. Also, keep in mind, these things are as tall as a human! I’m definitely getting a vibe similar to The Ruins from this Pokemon.


5. Gengar is one of the coolest Pokemon in existence. He is the most evolved of all the ghost types. He is able to take the form of an object or person’s shadow, allowing him to hide in plain sight. Like a real ghost, Gengar’s presence causes the temperature to plummet. He is known for terrorizing lost travelers and taking pleasure in the fear of its victims.


4. Cubone is jokingly referred to as the Norman Bates of Pokemon. The skull that Cubone wears over his face is thought to be the skull of its dead mother. When the full moon is out, Cubone cries, because the moon reminds him of his mother’s face. The crying reverberates through the skull, coming out as a strange cry unique to Cubone. I have to wonder if maybe Cubone killed his mother himself. Maybe they could make a separate Pokemon type called serial killer. His cute appearance is a front, don’t be deceived.


3. Hypno is one of many psychic pokemon that uses hypnosis. Hypno is known for carrying a pendulum and munching on the dreams of others. It particularly enjoys eating the dreams of children. According to Wikipedia, Hypno once hypnotized and kidnapped a child. It’s believed that Hypno never sleeps. Hypno’s base form, Drowzee is said to suck people’s dreams out through their nostrils. Hypno and Drowzee are based off of the mythological Baku, a chimera that devours nightmares. The Baku is made up of an elephant’s trunk, an ox tail, rhinoceros eyes, and tiger paws.


2. Mr. Mime doesn’t really have an interesting backstory, he’s quite simply a mime. Being a mime is enough in my book to land him on this list. According to the Pokedex, Mr. Mimes begin as Mime Juniors. They are born with the ability to mime and they evolve from copying the mannerisms of other Pokemon. Mr. Mimes seem to take on human jobs like cooking and housekeeping. In the show, a Mr. Mime lives with Ash’s family and takes care of household chores. I quite like Mr. Mime, he’s so benevolently creepy.


1. Jynx may look like a drag queen, but she’s actually based off of popular Japanese Yokai lore. Jynx is said to have derived her appearance from Yuki-onna and Yamauba. Yuki-onna is a pale white ghost woman with long black hair. She appears only in winter or during snow storms. She is often thought of as a malevolent entity that causes humans to freeze to death. Those who have read Kwaiden or seen a film version will recall a particularly chilling story about Yuki-onna. She also shows up in Kurosawa’s film, Dreams. Yamauba is a crone like creature, that is said to feast on children. Legend states that she phas an extra mouth on the top of her head hidden beneath her hair. Now Jynx isn’t as vicious as her mythological ancestors. Her method of attack usually involves kissing her enemy into submission. Still, though, would you want to be kissed by this weird Pokemon lady?


There you have it folks, my top ten creepiest Pokemon. Throughout the writing of this list, I think I’ve realized that the more anthropomorphic a Pokemon looks, the creepier it is.Which Pokemon do you think is the creepiest? Let me know on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below.



The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Review


Warning, this will be a spoiler filled review. If you do not wish to know what happens, please stop reading now.

Ok. Wow. What a way to end a season! We finally get to see Negan in all his ruthless glory. Fans of the comic books have been waiting to see Negan, and we certainly got one big massive taste of what he is capable of. Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Watchmen), Negan casually explains to the captured Alexandrians (Rick, Carl, Michonne, Darryl, Maggie, Glenn, Abraham, Eugene, Aaron, and Rosita) that he is about to kill one of them with his barbed wire covered baseball bat named Lucille. Boy does her ever go to town on one of them.

The closing shot is from the point of view of the unknown victim. Negan takes Lucille, and bashes the victim in the head, THWACK. The camera goes blurry as blood trickles down the screen and the sounds of the screams of the other survivors get muffled. Another hit, THWACK, the camera goes black and the sounds of the screams fade away. THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. Credits.

This cliffhanger will undoubtedly spawn countless fan theories about who the victim is. The scene is lifted straight out of the comic, and the victim in the comic is Glenn, but we know that the show doesn’t always follow the comic book to the letter.

Keep in mind, this all happens in the last fifteen minutes of the episode. The episode is centered around two groups of the Alexandrians, the group mentioned above, and Morgan and Carol. In my opinion, I think that the Carol’s story arc this season deserves its own review, which we will post once we get a chance to sit down and watch Season 6 from start to finish one of these weekends.

The other arc in this episode is Rick’s group trying to get Maggie medical treatment for, what appears to be, complications with her pregnancy. The group loads up the mobile home and sets out for Hill Top. They run into a number of road blocks set by Negan’s group before being captured.

The episode did feel slow at time, but does ramp up at the end.  I loved the theme of the repercussions that each group suffers by deciding to spare the lives of the random people they encountered earlier in the season. We also get to see the effect that living in a kill or be killed, world has on the Alexandrians. We see Carol decide to leave Alexandria as a means of escaping the person she has has become (a very efficient killer). I also loved how each of Negan’s road blocks that Rick’s group kept running into  became more and more elaborate. It gave off the sense that Negan’s group is very efficient and well organized as they play the cat and mouse game with Rick’s group.

I cannot wait for October to come around to see how this all plays out.  Stay tuned!

Dexter to return to Showtime?


The possibility of a Dexter revival has been kicked around since the disappointing series finale. However, it seems that finally the showrunners, the actors, and the fans are all on the same page. David Nevins the President of Showtime has stated that he would like to bring Dexter back, but would only do so if Michael C. Hall agreed to return to the show. After all, what would Dexter be without its titular character.

For his part, Hall has indicated that he would never play Dexter again. During the last couple seasons, he repeatedly expressed his disdain for the direction the show was taking. It’s only recently that Hall has changed his tune and said he’d consider reprising his role as America’s favorite serial killer. Unfortunately, Hall has been missing from both the big screen and the small screen for the past couple years. Despite his roles in Six Feet Under and Dexter, Hall hasn’t been booking major roles. Perhaps his career hasn’t taken off the way he hoped it would.


Nevins has also stated that he’d like Jennifer Carpenter to return. Those who stuck around through the entire 8th season, will understand why bringing Deb back will require some plot acrobatics on the part of the writers. No word yet from Carpenter on whether or not she’d be willing to play Deb again.

At this time there is no set date for the return of Dexter. According to the network when and if the show returns it’s likely to come back as a mini series rather than a full season. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Dexter and his dark passenger back in action or is it time to let this series die?


Days of the Dead Los Angeles 2016

 Pulling up to a convention center and seeing several hearses parked out front, one might think that someone has died. To the horror world, it’s just the beginning of The Days of the Dead Los Angeles Horror Convention at the Burbank Marriot Convention Center. Being the huge horror nuts we are, the All Hallows’ Haunts team had to to and check things out.

 Like most conventions, you have a series of vendors specializing in certain goods that cater to the fan base. Obviously with this being a horror convention, there was a mass collection of horror collectibles, replicas, movies and clothes. We felt like  children with A.D.D. with so much awesomeness to look at. We didn’t know what to look at first. May we just say that the horror art work was elaborate, impressive, and gorgeous.

 What would any convention be without special guests and celebrities? Headling the event was Saw star Tobin Bell, and Tony Todd of Candyman. Both had excellent panels hosted by Christopher M. Jimenez of Sinful Celluloid (@SinfulCelluloid) and were quite informative. Bell’s panel had quite the surprise for the audience as he hinted that a new Saw movie might be in the works. Bell went on to say “Don’t make any plans for Halloween 2017.”

 One of the most important panels of the entire weekend was the Etheria Films panel, which consisted of all female horror directors. They spoke of the importance of women film makers and how crucial this movement truly is to the film world and to our culture.

As awesome as Days of the Dead is, the convention has some flaws. There was not nearly enough to do or see to warrant the $35 ticket for admission. There were very few panels, the vendor’s hall was small and over crowded (As the vendors had to share the same space as the celebrity autograph tables), and parking was ridiculously expensive ($21 for the day!).

 The worst part was that there were so many fans. It was too crowded. We have to wonder if the convention organizers didn’t think they would have the turnout they did. There were definitely some missed opportunities at Days of the Dead. Hopefully they will see how much potential there is for the convention and how big it could be.

We pray this won’t be the last Days of the Dead Horror Convention in Los Angeles and it will get bigger in the years to come. Overall, we had a great time, but we wanted more.

Breaking News!- The Walking Dead Year-round Attraction Coming to Universal Studios Hollywood

  Universal Studios Hollywood and AMC have just announced that a brand new “The Walking Dead” year-round attraction will be coming to Universal Studios Hollywood this summer!

From the official press release: 

This summer, fans can venture into the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead at Universal Studios Hollywood in an all-new, year-round attraction.

Follow in the survivors’ footsteps for a fully immersive journey, using both animatronics and live performers — the next best thing to actually being on The Walking Dead.

The attraction’s landscapes, special effects, props, staging, costumes and makeup were all created in collaboration with the show’s award-winning production team, including executive producer and director Greg Nicotero.

This is definitely exciting news for all of us Walking Dead fanatics! As of now, there is not official start date, but Summer is only a few months away! Stay tuned to All Hallows’ Haunts for more details as they come! 

For a copy of the press release from Inside Universal,  please visit 

I Don’t Believe Anymore- The X-files Review


The X-Files has been my favorite show since I was about 14. I’ve suffered from insomnia pretty much my whole life. They used to show reruns on TNT all night, so I’d just watch until I was finally able to fall asleep. Episodes like Hollywood A.D. had me rolling on the floor with laughter, while mythology episodes like Memento Mori left my brain racked with possibilities of a conspiracies and aliens.

Needless to say, when I heard the show was coming back, I was thrilled. Seasons 8 and 9 had skewed from the course, and the overall mysteries of the show were never wrapped up in any sort of satisfactory way. I thought Chris Carter would use the six episode miniseries as a way to correct past mistakes and give fans a cohesive alien/government syndicate story. Boy, was I ever wrong! Instead, Carter mangles The X-Files beyond recognition. Instead of clarifying his previous ideas, he adds he even more layers to the mythology. Now fans are left waddling in a stew of 9/11 truther propaganda, anti-vaccine babble, and chem trails.

The first episode of the season, My Struggle, attempts to cram in a whole season’s worth of ideas into 45 minutes. The result is a messy parody of a real X-files episode. Mulder’s beliefs rock back and forth so many times during this episode, that I thought I’d get whiplash. Scully just seems content to sit back and go for the ride. Still, I held out hope. The next four episodes are monster of the week shows, which I’ll get to in a minute. First, I want to address the chaotic, cliffhanger trainwreck that is My Struggle Part II. Keep in mind people, this may be the last episode of The X-Files we ever see. This was the one that was supposed to contain answers. Instead, I was left with no less than 50 new questions. Why was everyone injected with alien DNA? How does that help the Syndicate? Who the hell is even in the Syndicate, besides CSM? What do chem trails have to do with anything?

Setting the conspiracy aside, I was also hoping for some closure regarding Mulder and Scully. They spent the whole season contemplating their choices regarding William. I was expecting to see something happen there, but I guess it turned out to be just another empty plot point. What about their relationship with each other? Are they back together? Are they going to get back together? They barely had two minutes of shared screen time during the finale.


Despite, both parts of My Struggle being a complete waste, neither episode was actually the worst of the six. No, that title goes to Babylon. Babylon uses the Charlie Hebdo attacks as its launching pad. Two young agents seek Mulder and Scully’s help with communicating with the terrorist, who is in a coma. Agents Miller and Einstein are more or less younger versions of Mulder and Scully. The characters are fun, I liked seeing how our heroes would interact with mirror versions of themselves, but they needed to make their appearance in a different episode. The serious nature of the case seems incongruent with the wacky nature of the two new agents. The most WTF moment of the episode occurs when Mulder, under the influence of a placebo or maybe God hallucinates a whole scene of Country dancing. I’m as confused as you are. The mood abruptly shifts and he’s naked and standing in some sort of dark Biblical scene. During this scene, the information Mulder needs to stop the terrorist attack is passed on to him. The final scene of the episode between Mulder and Scully is cute. It’s nice to see them expressing affection, but I could’ve just watched it on mute. As they ponder the conclusions they reached during the case, it’s clear that there is no discernable lesson or theme to be found.

Although, most of the season was a mess, it did have some high points. My favorite episode is Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster. It had all of the comedy and charm of classic monster of the week episodes like Humbug and How the Ghosts Stole Christmas. The episode revolves around Mulder trying to rediscover his belief in the paranormal while hunting a giant lizard monster. He comes to learn that the monster is not a man that turns into a monster, but rather a monster that turns into a man. The only goal the monster has is to permanently return to his lizard form. This episode was the most lighthearted, but it may also be the most philosophical of the season. There were many great moments in this one, including Scully referring to Mulder as, “My Mulder” and the lizard man fabricating a sexual encounter with Scully. (Bonus Fact: Die hard X-Philes will notice the tribute to the show’s late Director/Producer Kim Manners. His name is on a tombstone during the scene in the cemetery.)


As for the other two episodes, both were solid monster of the week shows. Founder’s Mutation follows Mulder and Scully as they investigate a strange suicide that appears to be linked to  a company that runs genetic experiments on children, giving them alien DNA. The case forces Mulder and Scully to examine their own choices as parents. The best part of Founder’s Mutation is that it shows what Mulder and Scully’s lives might have been like if they had raised William.

Home Again is a more serious version of season 7’s Arcadia. Both episodes are about surburbanites who are forced to confront issues they’d rather keep buried. Both are about tulpas, which are creatures created from a strong belief in their existence. Both tulpas are made of literal garbage. The thing that makes Home Again unique, is that the creature was originally conceived by a street artist. His image will show up on a wall, and then it’s gone in the blink of an eye. Through their investigation our dynamic duo discovers that a street artist conceived the monster as an art piece to represent the homeless population, but its power grew, and soon the creator was helpless to stop it. In addition to the case file, this episode also deals with the death of Scully’s mother and her feelings of failure regarding William. Overall, I felt Home Again presented an oversimplified view of gentrification and poverty, but I can overlook that. This modern day version of Frankenstein is fresh, and will be a favorite of fans who enjoyed episodes like Squeeze and Home.


While there were a couple great episodes in the revival, it felt a lot like digging through a mountain of rat feces to find a few pieces of gold. I had such high hopes, they were curbstomped. I’m already hearing about a possible season 11. Truth is, I’m scared it will come back, but I’m also scared it won’t. I have to wonder how invested Carter is in The X-Files if he didn’t see fit to even give it an ending. I can’t help but liken him to the artist in Home Again. He created something, it spun out of his control, and now he’s running for the hills. I want to believe. I’ll always want to, but I just can’t anymore.