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Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 2016


With haunt season officially upon us, the team here at All Hallows’ Haunts kicked it off by visiting Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. Now because we had different views and thoughts on the event, we decided to list each of our opinions on the event. Below you will see the opinions of AHH members Andy Shultz (@Andy1701) and Lola Tarantula (@Lolatarantula).


the-purge-at-universal-halloween-horror-nights-hollywoodScare Zone: The Purge Anarchy

Andy- Going into HHN I wasn’t too excited about The Purge Scare Zone. Universal has used The Purge as its main Scare Zone the last few years and it gets rather repetitive, so I was expecting to see the same thing as before. Though, I am rather happy to say that I really enjoyed it this year. Universal made the choice of having only one theme throughout all its Scare Zones, and I think it really worked. It would be interesting to see how it grows in upcoming years.

Lola- I didn’t enjoy this year’s Scare Zone theme very much. I will say that The Purge functions better as a haunt theme than a film, but still after several years of The Purge, I’m just over it. It’s the same stuff you’ve seen for the past several years, and nothing else. I will say that in the upper lot there is a part of a scare zone that’s basically a maze but without a wait. This part is actually kind of neat. There’s some weird art projects made from old doors, spray paint, and trash heaps. If you get a chance, walk through it. Other than that one exceptional part, I think this theme has overstayed its welcome.


hhn_2016_terrortram_8003_ver1-0Terror Tram: Presented By Eli Roth

Andy- The Terror Tram in the past has always been hit or miss with me. Still, I’m a fan of Eli Roth’s work and I was really looking forward to seeing how this evil clown infused Terror Tram would stack up. I left the Terror Tram very disappointed. I thought there were quite a few operational issues. I noticed in two main areas of the Terror Tram: 1) They chose to use shipping containers as tunnels, which caused the lines to back up and bottle neck as only a few could walk through at a time. 2) They crammed way too many people down there at one time, which made the usual 15 to 20 minute experience more like 40 minutes, but not in a good way. To make things worse, we had to wait almost 20 minutes at the end for a tram to pick us up.

Lola- As usual, the Terror Tram is the worst attraction at HHN. I had hoped that Eli Roth’s influence would be enough to transform the generally lackluster Terror Tram into something different. However, I think this year’s Terror Tram is among the worst I’ve ever seen. Like Andy said, the way the route was layed out caused major foot traffic, which made it take way longer than it ever has before. Not to mention, there’s nothing unique about the creepy clowns. By the time we got to the end of the trail I was one cranky spider.



halloween-horror-nights     Krampus

Andy- I really enjoyed this maze. I know most people don’t want to think about Christmas this time of the year, but with the added horror of Krampus, it was a lot of fun. Now, I haven’t seen the film yet, so I can’t really compare the film to the maze, but it was really cool walking through this house that’s being terrorized by a monster over the holidays. My favorite thing about the maze was the use of scents in each room. Some rooms smelled like ginger bread,  or vanilla, and even Christmas trees. Yet, it wouldn’t be HHN with out some of the burning disgusting smells as well. Overall, the maze is fun and now gives us a good excuse to extend Halloween all through Christmas.

Lola- I’m a fan of the Krampus film and the maze definitely captures the spirit of the movie. My favorite part of this maze, besides the smells, is seeing the toys in the attic come to life. Those who’ve seen the film will know what I’m talking about.


hhn_2016_freddyjason_7608_ver1-0Freddy vs Jason

Andy- Going into the event, a lot of friends who attended the preview night said that this was the best maze of the event, so I went in with some high expectations. I’ll tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. Universal took their own approach with the story and brought these two juggernauts of horror together into one epic show down. I felt the maze was fantastic. The story was compelling; the maze itself was perfectly dressed with some amazing scenes to walk through. Most of all, it was the only maze of the night to get a few scares out of me, which is rather difficult to do. Most of all, it did both Freddy and Jason justice.

Lola- The Freddy Vs. Jason maze is pretty damn cool. While quite a bit of it is stuff fans have seen before, there were a few unique touches that helped elevate it to a new level. Unlike Andy, though, I didn’t necessarily feel that they hit all of their story beats. That is to say I didn’t feel the story they were trying to convey was mapped out quite as well as it could’ve been. Still, it’s worth the wait. I like that they have alternate endings, depending on the night you attend. Some nights Freddy wins, and some nights Jason comes out on top.


hhn_2016_halloween_7601_ver1-0Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield

Andy- Let me just start off by saying that this is by far my favorite maze of all time. The maze looked beautiful. The scares were great and it continued to tell the story of Michael Myers. Some of the rooms used the glow in the dark effects brilliantly. It really set a new standard for mazes. What blew me away were the giant pumpkin rooms we walked through. We were literally inside giant pumpkins! It was my favorite thing ever.


Lola- I have to agree with Andy, this maze is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen at HHN. I can’t add much more than that. My favorite part of the maze is the black out room with multiple glow in the dark pumpkin masks. Some are props and some are actors. The actors jump out at you as you walk past. This is what I think Horror Nights does best, it uses a movie a springboard, to create something entirely new, but still resembles the original film or films.


img_2741The Walking Dead

Andy- Now this maze obviously differs from Walking Dead mazes of the past as it is now year-round. Obviously, this maze had the most attention to detail as it is permanent, which definitely keeps you in awe. There were times when I thought I was really on the TV show, which was fantastic. The performers were top notch and on point. My only complaint is that I feel that the walk-through was way too short, especially for something that’s a year-round attraction.

Lola- I love The Walking Dead, and it was such a treat to be able to see the show come to life like this. I’ll agree with Andy, that the attraction felt a bit short, especially considering how much material TWD has to pick from. However, it’s still a near perfect depiction of what life is like amongst walkers. Those who’ve been through HHN’s previous Walking Dead mazes will probably recognize some props and ideas, but it’s been revamped enough that it still feels like a completely new experience. Consider this year-round haunt to be a love letter to walker fans, everywhere.


American Horror Story, The Exorcist, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mazes

Andy- Due to the extreme wait times for the mazes, we were unable to get into these mazes before the event was over for the night. Wait times were averaging three hours, and with the park being sold out, we couldn’t hit up all the mazes.

Lola- The fact that we weren’t able to see three mazes pissed me off. If you have to spend the kind of money HHN is asking for then I think you should be able to see all of the attractions. Now with that being said, I wrote to Horror Nights to tell them I was upset, and they were surprisingly reasonable. They offered me a comp ticket, so I plan to return and go through these mazes.

The Jabbawockeez

Andy- I’m not a huge dance fan and with the long wait times for the evening, we opted not to see The Jabbawockeez show.

Lola- Unlike Andy, I am a huge dance fan. I danced almost every style for several years, but the time constraints just didn’t allow enough time to check out the show.



Overall Thoughts

Andy- From an artistic, design and performance standpoint, and from what attractions we saw, this was easily one of the best HHNs in years. Each maze was enjoyable and they were fun. From operational standpoint, this one of the worst I’ve seen. Three hours is way too long to wait for a maze, let alone most of the mazes. Universal needs to either lower the number of people allowed in to HHN each night or add additional attractions. There were just too many people, which resulted in a less enjoyable evening. I understand Universal is trying to make money, but at some point, there is a huge loss in quality. It is also our understanding that in an attempt to correct this issue, Universal has started to do early entry earlier to reduce overall wait times. So hopefully, future HHNs will run a little better.


Lola- I’ve had a love/hate affair with HHN for years. With the exception of the Terror Tram, most of the mazes were high quality. Of course, I’ve yet to see three of them. The mazes seemed more creative this year than in the past. Still, 3 hour wait times can sure spoil anyone’s Halloween fun. The ticket prices and the wait times seem to go up every year. I must say, though it seems like Horror Nights is starting to take steps to correct some of this nonsense. I was impressed by their speedy response to my complaints. Also, I guess early entry has been moved up to 5PM. Hopefully, this helps make the HHN run in a more efficient manner.



Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights runs select nights throughout October and the first week of November. Visit www.halloweenhorrornights.com for event info and to buy tickets. We do recommend buying tickets ASAP as the event has sold out almost every night of the run so far. We also recommend getting their early and doing early entry as wait times are long.


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Knott’s Scary Farm Sets Sights On Halloween 

Halloween and haunt enthusiasts were treated to quite a few surprises over the last few weeks as Knott’s Scary Farm made back to back appearances at both Midsummer Scream and ScareLA Halloween to announce some of what they have planned for this upcoming Halloween Season.

First appearing at the inaugural Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival in Long Beach, California, Knott’s gave fans a brief history of audio mechanics for the mazes before making a few major announcements.

The first announcement  was met with many cheers as they announced last year’s Paranormal Inc. maze would be returning to Knott’s for 2016. When asked if the story or maze would be different, Knott’s representatives stated that only a few tweaks were made to create a better experience.

The second major announcement from Knott’s  concerned the Skeleton Key rooms. With the growing interest in escape rooms, Knott’s has decided that the Skeleton Key rooms for 2016 would consist of an escape room element. The rooms are: Visions, Zozo, Slasher, and Prey.

These new additions to the Skeleton Key rooms definitely add a new factor of terror and excitement to an already incredible event.

The news from Knott’s didn’t end at Midsummer Scream. The following weekend at ScareLA, Knott’s continued the show. The panel at ScareLA started off as a history of Knott’s and Halloween, where they explained the evolution of Knott’s Scary Farm.

They began to speak of the many celebrity hosts of Knott’s Scary Farm, when the official ScareLA host, Elvira, crashed their panel. Elvira announced that she would be returning to Knott’s Scary Farm this year with a new show!

The announcements didn’t end there as they announced that the popular laser tag and paint ball inspired Infected: Special Ops will be replaced this year with an updated version called Infected: Black Ops.

This new version of Infected will introduce a whole new style to the game as it will be in a new area of the park. It will also have a standard queue system instead of special times, new terrain to cover, unlimited ammo, and a whole new boss at the end.

Knott’s plans to announce the remainder of their mazes and shows for this year at a special Knott’s pass holders event on August 25th.

Between the announcements made at Midsummer Scream, ScareLA, and the few made online, Knott’s is shaping up to be the main event for this Halloween season.

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Serial Killer Speed Dating Returns to Scare LA!

Back with a vengeance to celebrate its one year  anniversary, Serial Killer Speed Dating returns to Scare LA. 

For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is Serial Killer Speed Dating, it’s speed dating… but with a twist- some one dies! Those who participate go on a series of fast mini dates, but are also trying to figure out who amongst them is the killer. 

From their official Scare LA press release: 

“Only at ScareLA this summer, Serial Killer Speed Dating creeps back for its second year of romance, mystery, and blood­soaked fun, as con attendees get the opportunity to meet and mingle with their fellow singles. But lurking among the daters are some serial killers looking for love…in all the wrong places! Come one, come all: Serial Killer Speed Dating will appear at ScareLA 2016 with two rounds, hetero dating on Saturday and LGBTQ dating on Sunday. Perhaps you walk out of ScareLA arm in arm with your new squeeze…or perhaps you never make it out alive! Face your fears and come try out Serial Killer Speed Dating.”

Bringing a new twist to Scare LA this year, is a special Serial Killer Speed Dating Networking edition, where participants are are not so much looking for romance, but making connections and networking.

Serial Killer Speed Dating runs at Scare LA-  The Pasadena Convention Center- 300 E Green Str., Pasadena, CA.

SAT, AUG 6: 12:30-2:30 AND SUN, AUG 7: 12:00-2:00 + 3:30-5:30 (HALLWAY BY STARBUCKS) SAT, AUG 6: SERIAL KILLER SPEED DATING networking will be held at 7 pm at The Rose across the street from the convention center.

Be sure to follow Serial Killer Speed Dating on Twitter – @skspeeddating .

Krampus Announced at Horror Nights


John Murdy announced a Krampus Halloween Horror Nights maze coming this October. The maze will of course be based on the recent film by Mike Dougherty. We are huge fans of the film and can’t wait to see what Murdy and Chris Williams will do with it. Since the Krampus legend is an old tale, hopefully they’ll also draw from classic lore as well as the film. We don’t know too much yet. We’ve got a simple trailer and we know that the maze will be placed on the backlot where the Crimson Peak maze was located. No doubt, Murdy will provide more information this weekend at ScareLA.

We want to hear from you! Are you excited about the Krampus maze? Which of the announced mazes are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter or Facebook.



The Dark Ride Project at ScareLA



One of the things we’re the most excited about at ScareLA is The Dark Ride Project. The Dark Ride Project is an attempt by artist Joel Zika to document historic dark rides, using the latest technology. Here’s more from the ScareLA press release.

“LOS ANGELES – July 27, 2016 –- ScareLA, the Southern California Halloween convention, is proud to present digital artist Joel Zika’s “The Dark Ride Project”, the first virtual reality haunt experience that brings back the history of dark rides to ScareLA starting Aug. 6-7 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, Calif. Digital artist Joel Zika travelled the world with a 360-degree camera documenting the most historic dark rides. Many of these dark rides are more than 100 years old. Every theme park attraction stems from these rides. The Dark Ride Project takes users through the folk art and history of some of the most exciting rides, and will be presented in 4k on GearVR, OculusRift and Google Cardboard. “This will be the first time these things [dark rides] will be shown in virtual reality at ScareLA,” said Jon Schnitzer, ScareLA Director of Programming and Experiences. It’s going to be very cool because people are going to be able to see what some of these dark rides, that are 110 years old, were like. It’s not fake, it’s not a recreation. [The Dark Ride Project] is exactly what the ride was like,” said Schnitzer. Zika will be traveling from Australia to bring “The Dark Project” to ScareLA and kick off his Kickstarter project to complete his research and documentation of more world renowned dark rides. Along with the virtual reality experience, Zika will conduct a panel to talk about a documentary he filmed while documenting dark rides from around the world.”
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What to expect at ScareLA

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.24.06 PM.jpg

This weekend, AHH heads down to Pasadena for the ScareLA Halloween and horror convention. We’re so excited to be covering this amazing event. Here’s just a taste of what you can expect. The following is from the ScareLA press release.

“LOS ANGELES – July 11, 2016 – ScareLA, the Southern California Halloween convention, is fast approaching. This year’s ScareLA 2016 is set to take place at the Pasadena Convention Center on August 6 and 7, 2016. An expanded showroom of over 100,000 sq. ft. will accommodate the con’s growing list of vendors, attractions, and entertainment. The 2016 convention theme, “Season of the Witch,” and tagline, “Cast a Dark Spell on the Summer,” are dedicated to celebrating all things spooky, scary and unusual in SoCal and beyond; featuring a themed logo by artist Mary J. Hoffman (BoogerVampire). “ScareLA is proud to be the summer sneak peek of the West Coast Halloween season,” said Lora Ivanova, ScareLA founder and Executive Producer. “We not only showcase the best horror content but also pioneer new interactive experiences unlike anything patrons can experience at a typical convention. We plan on unleashing our darkest magic on Los Angeles this August!” ScareLA 2016 will showcase: over 200 curated vendors, artists and exhibits; presentations and exclusive reveals of attractions and theme parks; classes and workshops for all ages; children’s programming; haunt experiences, screening room, games, costume party and more. Debuting in 2013, ScareLA celebrates the diverse Halloween industry of the West Coast – from its iconic theme parks to home haunts. The event is a mecca for horror fans and families. Attracting close to 10,000 guests in 2015, ScareLA is one of the fastest growing independent conventions in the U.S. To buy tickets or learn more about ScareLA’s 2016 plans, visit the ScareLA website at http://www.scarela.com.”

About ScareLA : Founded in 2013, ScareLA is the Southern California convention dedicated to all things Halloween. Situated in the entertainment capital of the world, the event celebrates the American scare season traditions and the diverse cultural heritage of the Greater Los Angeles region. Featuring hundreds of specialty vendors, education programming, world-class industry presentations, ScareLA draws over 10,000 professionals, fans and families from the U.S. and abroad to celebrate Halloween early every summer. ScareLA is one of the fastest growing independent fan conventions in the U.S. addressing a $10 billion Halloween industry worldwide.”

Are you planning to attend ScareLA? What are you most excited for? Let us know, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and right here on the site. Stay tuned for updates!


Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Sets Course With Midsummer Scream

Midsummer Scream was the site for an epic showdown as the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor set course for Halloween!

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor crew of monsters and ghosts literally crossed the street to the Long Beach Convention Center as Dark Harbor’s creative team announced Dark Harbor’s new and returning mazes, a few surprises, and the introduction of a rival to Dark Harbor’s Captain.

The creative team had a lot to share with the excited audience as they revealed the 2016 mazes. Returning this year will be Deadrise, Circus, Lullaby, B340 and Soulmate. Joining them will be the new HEX Paintball Gallery and Intrepid. The team also announced that Sideshow, part show, part lounge, and part maze, will be returning this year. Rounding things out will be the all new Panic 4-D Experience and the Voodoo House Tasting Room.

The creative team stressed that while several of the mazes and attractions are returning, they have gone through several changes, including most mazes being made longer.

With great excitement, they announced that this year’s Dark Harbor would feature live entertainment for an hour before the event opens and the overall event would feature ten percent more performers than previous years.
The biggest surprise to come out of the Dark Harbor special presentation was the arrival of the man/monster that built the Queen Mary- The Iron Master. He and his crew have spent the last 80 years on a ghost train from Hell. For 2016, the Iron Master is bringing this train to Dark Harbor as its newest maze: Intrepid.

David Wally, Director of Dark Harbor, really expressed his love for the Haunt community of Southern California. He even stated his fondness for the teams at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, Knott’s Scary Farm, and Fright Fest. Wally’s theme is “One Team, One Dream.

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor runs select nights September 29th to October 31st. Tickets start at $20 and can be bought at http://www.queenmary.com .

The team here at All Hallows’ Haunts is very excited for Dark Harbor this year, as we had a blast attending last year. We do recommend that depending on which nights you attend, you may want to consider purchasing a Fast Fright Pass. The wait times can be rather long for this awesome event.

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Urban Death Goes Extreme at Midsummer Scream

(Photo by Lola Tarantula)

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre, led by Zombie Joe and Jana Wimer, brought their marquee show, Urban Death, to Midsummer Scream, and they certainly delivered. For those unfamiliar, Urban Death is a vignette style horror show. The show features graphic depictions of nightmares, sexual depravity, and dark humor. The show is usually an hour long, except in October when it is altered into a part show/part maze Halloween attraction. Urban Death is not for faint of heart. It’s an intense experience that is shocking and violent. 

Each version of the show is different. Classic pieces are mixed with new pieces to give the audience a different experience. This aspect gives the show the ability and grow with each new incarnation. 

(Photo by Andy Shultz)

For those attending the Midsummer Scream Halloween festival this weekend, ZJU has brought a special version to share with Halloween and Horror fans from all over. This Summer edition of Urban Death is just under a half hour in length. However, what it lacks in length, it makes up for with talent, courage, and fierceness.

As the audience entered the space, we were greeted by a swarm of entities, moving in controlled chaos, often grabbing for the audience, but not quite reaching them. Once the audience was all in, the lights went out. The signature Urban Death music came on, and the show began. Over the course of 25 minutes, we witnessed scenes from a post apocalyptic wasteland, beings straight out of nightmares, terrifying creatures from legends, dark humor that chilled and made us laugh, and moments from the darkest parts of our souls. After a final hair raising scene, the show was over. We were left craving more.

(Photo by Andy Shultz)

The team here at All Hallows’ Haunts have seen various versions Urban Death over the years. Even our very own Lola Tarantula has been part of the cast in past incarnations. We all agreed that the Special Version of Urban Death for Midsummer Scream was one of the best versions of Urban Death we have seen. It was the perfect combination of horror, comedy, and weirdness.This version definitely pushed the envelope to the extreme, and it totally paid off.

(Photo by Andy Shultz)

Urban Death will return this Halloween season with it’s annual Urban Death: Tour of Terror, where a shortened version of the show is mixed with a walk through maze. It’s definitely not to be missed and should be added to everyone’s Haunt list. Urban Death: Tour of Terror runs Friday and Saturday nights, October 7th through November 5th, with shows at 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm, 10:30pm and 11:30pm. There will also be special tour times on October 31st. Tickets are $15 and can be bought at the door or at www. Zombiejoes.tix.com . ZJU Theatre Group is located at 4850 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, Ca 91601.

(Postcard by Zombie Joe)

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Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Rocked Midsummer Scream

In what was probably the largest and most packed presentation of the day at Midsummer Scream, Halloween Horror Nights rocked the cconvention like a hurricane. The creative team behind Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, John Murdy and Chris Willaims, unveiled new details behind the new mazes coming to 2016 HHN season.
Earlier this week, Murdy announced two new mazes that will be joining Halloween and The Exorcist this year: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Freddy Vs Jason. This year marks the first time ever that all four major horror icons Frddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface will be featured in the park at the same time.

The majority of the panel was spent detailing the history and evolution of Horror Nights’ relationship with these famous franchises. Murdy and Williams explained how they obtained the rights to these properties and how they adapted them into mazes. They revealed the trials and tribulations of each incarnation of the mazes.This includes information on constructing the attracrions and what tidbits they chose to replicate from the movies. 

In addition to providing us with background details, Murdy and Williams also disclosed facts about this upcoming season at Horror Nights. This year’s Halloween maze will follow Halloween II. However, they plan to deviate from the film and give the maze their own special ending. The Freddy Vs. Jason maze is supposed to be what we wanted from the movie, but didn’t get. The maze’s locations will be  based on Camp Crystal Lake and Freddy’s boiler room. The scenes will be unique to the maze, not taken from the films. The maze will have two endings. Sometimes Freddy will win and sometimes Jason will win. Murdy says fans will have to come twice to get the full experience. As for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the maze will take place between the first and second film. Therefore it is both a prequel and a sequel. Guests can expect to see both Leatherface and Chop Top’s bedrooms.

Murdy and Willians only briefly mentioned The Exorcist. Also, no new mazes were announced. We imagine they’re saving those for ScareLA next weekend. We must say we’re pretty impressed by today’s revelations. Let us know how you feel about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights and stay tuned for more about the upcoming Halloween season by following us on Twitter- @HallowsHaunts !

Breaking News! The Big Four Returning To HHN

John Murdy, the creative director at Universal Studios Hollywood and who many consider to be the father of Halloween Horror Nights, just revealed on Twitter (@HorrorNights) that the big four Horror Icons- Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Leather Face- will be returning to Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights for the 2016 season.

Per the HHN Twitter page-

“The four most terrifying names in horror are coming to #UniversalHHN – Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, & Michael Myers!”

Moments later, Murdy then tweeted:

“I told you our line up this year would make you very happy…Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Michael Myers…was it worth the wait?”

Then what followed was a series of Tweets that teased more information about what the big Four have in store, and it turns out it will be Freddy vs Jason!

“Welcome to FREDDY VS JASON, an ALL NEW MAZE that brings together two of the biggest icons in Horror history!”

The news of Freddy vs Jason was immediately followed with news about the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze:

“Welcome to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Blood Brothers! An ALL NEW MAZE that’s being built right now in the Waterworld queue line…”

Some of the other Tweets teased other announcements for HHN, including The Exorcist.

Murdy followed up his excitement with his love of these classic icons and his love for the films:

“So here’s the deal…we’ve done nearly every property in horror during my time at HHN, many more than once, but some properties are special.”

The news comes with great excitement as its been a few years since any version of the Big Four have been together at HHN.

Murdy has promised he’ll reveal more information this weekend at the Midsummer Scream Halloween festival in Long Beach.

He then finished by saying that there is more to come:

“Oh and The Exorcist...and Walking Dead…and…there’s still more mazes to be announced that will make you VERY VERY HAPPY!”

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