Serial Killer Speed Dating Returns to Scare LA!

Back with a vengeance to celebrate its one year  anniversary, Serial Killer Speed Dating returns to Scare LA. 

For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon that is Serial Killer Speed Dating, it’s speed dating… but with a twist- some one dies! Those who participate go on a series of fast mini dates, but are also trying to figure out who amongst them is the killer. 

From their official Scare LA press release: 

“Only at ScareLA this summer, Serial Killer Speed Dating creeps back for its second year of romance, mystery, and blood­soaked fun, as con attendees get the opportunity to meet and mingle with their fellow singles. But lurking among the daters are some serial killers looking for love…in all the wrong places! Come one, come all: Serial Killer Speed Dating will appear at ScareLA 2016 with two rounds, hetero dating on Saturday and LGBTQ dating on Sunday. Perhaps you walk out of ScareLA arm in arm with your new squeeze…or perhaps you never make it out alive! Face your fears and come try out Serial Killer Speed Dating.”

Bringing a new twist to Scare LA this year, is a special Serial Killer Speed Dating Networking edition, where participants are are not so much looking for romance, but making connections and networking.

Serial Killer Speed Dating runs at Scare LA-  The Pasadena Convention Center- 300 E Green Str., Pasadena, CA.

SAT, AUG 6: 12:30-2:30 AND SUN, AUG 7: 12:00-2:00 + 3:30-5:30 (HALLWAY BY STARBUCKS) SAT, AUG 6: SERIAL KILLER SPEED DATING networking will be held at 7 pm at The Rose across the street from the convention center.

Be sure to follow Serial Killer Speed Dating on Twitter – @skspeeddating .


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