Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights Rocked Midsummer Scream

In what was probably the largest and most packed presentation of the day at Midsummer Scream, Halloween Horror Nights rocked the cconvention like a hurricane. The creative team behind Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, John Murdy and Chris Willaims, unveiled new details behind the new mazes coming to 2016 HHN season.
Earlier this week, Murdy announced two new mazes that will be joining Halloween and The Exorcist this year: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Freddy Vs Jason. This year marks the first time ever that all four major horror icons Frddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface will be featured in the park at the same time.

The majority of the panel was spent detailing the history and evolution of Horror Nights’ relationship with these famous franchises. Murdy and Williams explained how they obtained the rights to these properties and how they adapted them into mazes. They revealed the trials and tribulations of each incarnation of the mazes.This includes information on constructing the attracrions and what tidbits they chose to replicate from the movies. 

In addition to providing us with background details, Murdy and Williams also disclosed facts about this upcoming season at Horror Nights. This year’s Halloween maze will follow Halloween II. However, they plan to deviate from the film and give the maze their own special ending. The Freddy Vs. Jason maze is supposed to be what we wanted from the movie, but didn’t get. The maze’s locations will be  based on Camp Crystal Lake and Freddy’s boiler room. The scenes will be unique to the maze, not taken from the films. The maze will have two endings. Sometimes Freddy will win and sometimes Jason will win. Murdy says fans will have to come twice to get the full experience. As for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the maze will take place between the first and second film. Therefore it is both a prequel and a sequel. Guests can expect to see both Leatherface and Chop Top’s bedrooms.

Murdy and Willians only briefly mentioned The Exorcist. Also, no new mazes were announced. We imagine they’re saving those for ScareLA next weekend. We must say we’re pretty impressed by today’s revelations. Let us know how you feel about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights and stay tuned for more about the upcoming Halloween season by following us on Twitter- @HallowsHaunts !

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