Creepiest Pokemon Countdown

With the recent popularity of Pokemon Go, I thought I’d take this opportunity to express my own love of Pokemon. I grew up with Pokemon, so these weird little creatures will always hold a special place in my heart. While all Pokemon are kind of strange, some are definitely weirder than others. With that being said, today I’ll be counting down the creepiest, most bizarre of the batch. For the purposes of this article, I’ll only be focusing on the original 151. Alright, let’s get started!


10. Primeape is very much a Planet of the Apes type Pokemon. Primeapes have nasty tempers and are prone to violent outbursts. Once you’ve angered a Primeape, there is no escaping it.


9. Muk is exactly what his name implies, he’s a pile of poisonous goo. Though Muk is mostly a benevolent creature, he has a tendency to contaminate everything he touches. His essence can kill plants, cause Pokemon and humans to become sick, and even pollute entire lakes. Muk can be found in your typical dirty alley, sewer, or garbage can.


8. Gyarados is modeled after the mythological dragons of ancient China. How a wimpy Magikarp evolves into such a majestic and powerful creature is beyond me. Apparently, in China, it was believed that a carp could transform into a dragon by swimming upstream. Gyarados are easily angered and have a tendency to cause Godzilla level destruction. Gyarados have burned entire villages to the ground. It’s safe to say that pissing off one of these water dragons is a bad move.


7. Slowbro is the evolved form of Slowpoke. Slowbro is actually two Pokemon combined into one. This is where the creepy part comes in. A Slowbro is a Slowpoke that has a Shellder attached to its tail. The Shellder bites down on the Slowpoke’s tail, latching on to it. The Shellder releases toxins into the Slowbro which eliminate the pain of the bite. Though this evolution is mutually beneficial, that doesn’t change the fact that Slowpoke has to go through life with a giant poisonous crustacean biting its ass.


6. Victreebel reminds me a lot of Little Shop of Horrors. This carnivorous plant uses a soothing waving motion of the vine on its head, and emits a sweet smell to lure in small animals and Pokemon. Then it shatters the false sense of security by swallowing its victims whole. Victreebel are thought to live in hordes in the depths of the jungle. Many have gone searching for them, but none have returned. Also, keep in mind, these things are as tall as a human! I’m definitely getting a vibe similar to The Ruins from this Pokemon.


5. Gengar is one of the coolest Pokemon in existence. He is the most evolved of all the ghost types. He is able to take the form of an object or person’s shadow, allowing him to hide in plain sight. Like a real ghost, Gengar’s presence causes the temperature to plummet. He is known for terrorizing lost travelers and taking pleasure in the fear of its victims.


4. Cubone is jokingly referred to as the Norman Bates of Pokemon. The skull that Cubone wears over his face is thought to be the skull of its dead mother. When the full moon is out, Cubone cries, because the moon reminds him of his mother’s face. The crying reverberates through the skull, coming out as a strange cry unique to Cubone. I have to wonder if maybe Cubone killed his mother himself. Maybe they could make a separate Pokemon type called serial killer. His cute appearance is a front, don’t be deceived.


3. Hypno is one of many psychic pokemon that uses hypnosis. Hypno is known for carrying a pendulum and munching on the dreams of others. It particularly enjoys eating the dreams of children. According to Wikipedia, Hypno once hypnotized and kidnapped a child. It’s believed that Hypno never sleeps. Hypno’s base form, Drowzee is said to suck people’s dreams out through their nostrils. Hypno and Drowzee are based off of the mythological Baku, a chimera that devours nightmares. The Baku is made up of an elephant’s trunk, an ox tail, rhinoceros eyes, and tiger paws.


2. Mr. Mime doesn’t really have an interesting backstory, he’s quite simply a mime. Being a mime is enough in my book to land him on this list. According to the Pokedex, Mr. Mimes begin as Mime Juniors. They are born with the ability to mime and they evolve from copying the mannerisms of other Pokemon. Mr. Mimes seem to take on human jobs like cooking and housekeeping. In the show, a Mr. Mime lives with Ash’s family and takes care of household chores. I quite like Mr. Mime, he’s so benevolently creepy.


1. Jynx may look like a drag queen, but she’s actually based off of popular Japanese Yokai lore. Jynx is said to have derived her appearance from Yuki-onna and Yamauba. Yuki-onna is a pale white ghost woman with long black hair. She appears only in winter or during snow storms. She is often thought of as a malevolent entity that causes humans to freeze to death. Those who have read Kwaiden or seen a film version will recall a particularly chilling story about Yuki-onna. She also shows up in Kurosawa’s film, Dreams. Yamauba is a crone like creature, that is said to feast on children. Legend states that she phas an extra mouth on the top of her head hidden beneath her hair. Now Jynx isn’t as vicious as her mythological ancestors. Her method of attack usually involves kissing her enemy into submission. Still, though, would you want to be kissed by this weird Pokemon lady?


There you have it folks, my top ten creepiest Pokemon. Throughout the writing of this list, I think I’ve realized that the more anthropomorphic a Pokemon looks, the creepier it is.Which Pokemon do you think is the creepiest? Let me know on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below.


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