The Top 6(66) Horror Songs Of Alice Cooper

Being a huge Alice Cooper fan, I can spend hours just listening to his music. He’s a masterful story teller, painting these horrific nightmares and settings. This amazing ability of his has allowed him to create some incredible concept albums. You can get lost in one of the many stories, especially of the reoccurring character, Steven.

With so many songs to choose from, I had a hard time just narrowing it down. But I did and below are my top 6 (as in 666, lol) Alice Cooper songs of horror, accompanied by videos.


  1. The Black Widow- “Welcome To My Nightmare” is one of the greatest albums of all time, telling the hellish nightmare of Steven. The Black Widow, featuring Vincent Price, tells of the ruthless, deadly ruler- The Black Widow and how the world of spiders shall reign supreme!


  1. Steven- I don’t think there is anything more terrifying for a child than a nightmare. The one place where there are no rules and going from being a child to a murderous man during a nightmare is terrifying for anyone. The final lyrics of the song are chilling.


  1. Feed My Frankenstein- This is just one of those awesome rock songs that is so much fun to party to. The description of a hungry monster is just awesome and catchy.


  1. Gimme- Cooper takes on the role of the devil, offering to exchange his services for your soul. Like he says, he’s our only friend. I like the mockery of boy bands of the 90’s in the video.


  1. I Love The Dead- Who doesn’t love the dead? During most concerts, this is the song he sings while being put into the guillotine. It has these really low, creepy moments, then these high, fun-spirited choruses.


  1. Welcome To My Nightmare- The song that started it all. The lyrics do a pretty good job of telling the story- An insane journey through a nightmare. He sure hopes that you like it.


This is just a sample of Cooper’s extensive library of music? What’s your favorite Alice Cooper songs? What your favorite Horror music. Let us know. You can reach us on Twitter- @HallowsHaunts !

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