Midsummer Scream Going All Out With “Hall Of Shadows”


The team here at All Hallows’ Haunts have been talking about Midsummer Scream for months. Since we first heard about it earlier this year, it’s been one our most talked about and blogged topics. That’s because the folks at Midsummer Scream keep revealing all these amazing things for Halloween and horror fans. In addition to the fantastic line up of guests, the more than 150 vendors, the Oingo Boingo Dance Party, and the other amazing surprises they have in store, they have just added probably what will be one of the most unique and exciting experiences at Midsummer Scream- The Hall of Shadows!


You might be asking yourself, what’s the Hall of Shadows? Well, according to the official press release:

Hall of Shadows will occupy more than one third of the Halloween festival’s 90,000 square-foot show floor this year, giving thousands of fans the opportunity to preview home and professional haunts each day, included with their admission to Midsummer Scream. In addition to the haunted attractions, those brave enough to venture into Hall of Shadows will experience a full-blown scare zone, Toxicity, high-energy performances by the Decayed Brigade slider team three times each day, and many terrifying monsters lurking in the fog, waiting to pounce!

That’s correct folks, Midsummer Scream’s Hall of Shadows is a full on scare zone, complete with performers, Decayed Brigade Slider shows, and nine mini haunt attractions: Fear Station: Escape the Windigo , Dead Zone 805, Savage House , Perdition Home, The Fleshyard, Higgins Manor , Spooky Hollows, Scareventures Presents: Sea of Terror , and Gorlesque: The Haunted Burlesque. The best part is that Hall of Shadows is included with the ticket price. That’s right, there is no additional charge to experience the Hall of Shadows!

Higgings Manor Teaase

Rick West, Creative Director of Midsummer Scream, stated that “When I think of Halloween, I instantly think of haunted houses; stand-alone attractions as well as home haunts are the very essence of the season. It’s completely thrilling to bring nine very different haunt previews to our guests in an environment that is totally unique to our show. Midsummer Scream’s Hall of Shadows is the closest anyone is going to get to the spirit of Halloween during the summer, and our haunt partners are ready to bring the terror!”

With just a little over a month to go until Midsummer Scream, the summer will truly be epic and out of this world! We can hardly wait for Midsummer Scream and to experience all the fun things that they have in store for everyone!

Spooky Hollows 1

Midsummer Scream takes place Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st, 2016 at the Long Beach convention center. Tickets are on sale and can be bought at MidsummerScream.org . You can also follow them on Twitter/Periscope: @MidsummerScream, and Instagram: @MidsummerScream.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter- @HallowsHaunts and on Facebook – All Hallows’ Haunts, for more information on Midsummer Scream and other Horror and Halloween events in Southern California!


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1 thought on “Midsummer Scream Going All Out With “Hall Of Shadows”

  1. Not sure what event I will go to as my summer halloween con. This sounds like ScareLA and that is a week after. I wonder what different haunts they will have even though having a haunt in a con isn’t really anything new. I remember Son of Monsterpalooza had done 2 haunts before Midsummer Screams and ScareLA existed.


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