Mystic Crypt Interview With Jaime Goff


Recently, I spoke to Mystic Crypt owner Jamie Goff. Goff was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about her website.

Lola: What is Mystic Crypt?

Jamie: We here at Mystic Crypt are dedicated to providing our customers with the most unique, hard to find items at ghoulishly great prices. We specialize in the weird, crazy, and unusual. Our product line stems from plus size gothic clothing, gothic clothing, plus size rockabilly clothing, zombies, fairies, gargoyles, dragons, Living Dead Dolls, creepy horror dolls, gothic purses, gothic hosiery, gothic/horror toys, gothic decor, skulls, spiders, stationary, Halloween goodies, gothic and mystical inspired gift baskets, gothic jewelry, and more! We are the one stop shop for all your gothic and mystical needs.

We specialize in gothic plus size clothing, as many of you know these are the hardest to find. As we grow and expand, we will include clothing in all sizes, but have decided to start with plus size clothing for all you curvy ghouls out there.


Lola: How did you start Mystic Crypt?

Jamie: Mystic Crypt was started while I was in a wheelchair on disability from a knee surgery in 2009.




Lola: What are some of your favorite products featured on your site?

Jamie: Some of my favorite products that I sell are the plus size gothic clothing, and the creepy dolls by Bastet 2329. Also I really love the Living Dead Dolls. I am a collector of the Creepy Dolls and Living Dead Dolls as well as a seller.



Lola: Can you give any advice to young goths and horror enthusiasts looking to start their own business?

Jamie: On starting your own business, make sure you are organized and preferably have some accounting experience. Going to college and at least earning your Associates degree in business will help tremendously.



Lola: On a more personal note, I know you favor the goth look. Have you always been a lover of the darker things in life?

Jamie: I believe I have always been a lover of the darker things in life. I love horror and gore!



Lola: Can you give us the names of a couple of your favorite horror movies?

Jamie: I love all the zombie movies, but I think one of my favorites would be Interview with the Vampire, and all of the Freddy movies!


Lola: Anything you’d like to add?

Jamie: Keep in mind we are a specialty store, and love doing special orders, and tracking down those hard to find items for you! Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask us and we will try our best to get it for you!


I’d like to thank Jaime Goff and Mystic Crypt for agreeing to speak with us. This is truly one killer site. Trust me, they have everything! Check it out.


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