Sinister Pointe’s Seance, Round 2


Not too long ago, Chris Nelson and I attended Séance, for the 2nd time. As many may recall about a month ago All Hallows’ Haunts posted our review of the event. Though all four of us enjoyed it, we felt the show was flawed. Apparently others agreed, because suddenly Sinister Pointe shut down the event, in order to give it a makeover. All customers were given tickets to attend the new and improved show.

While we only had a few minor issues with Séance, we were curious to see how they would change the event, and what the new end result would be. Now that we’ve see the new show, I can say it’s a significant improvement over the old one.

The most obvious change is that Séance is no longer being headlined by Scott Sytten. Sytten has been replaced by Dasha Kittredge, an actress featured in Delusion. David Gonzalez plays her right hand man assisting her through the process. Although, I enjoyed Sytten, I must say I preferred Kitteredge’s presentation. The show as a whole flowed better under her command.

screen shot 2016-03-22 at 102626 am

The cast wasn’t the only new addition. At the top of the show, we were given goat’s blood to drink, that tasted suspiciously like Clamato juice. We were informed that drinking the blood would help protect us from evil spirits. That was just a hint of what was to come.

When the evil spirit was unleashed, all hell broke loose. The lights when out and the table began to vibrate. Then our seats were all but pulled out from underneath us. When the lights came back on there were live cockroaches scurrying all over the table. The evening ended when the medium was overcome by the spirits. We were told to flee for our lives. We all returned to the safety of the lobby.


Overall, this new version of Séance isn’t much different from the previous one. It’s just a few details here and there, but it makes all the difference. I said this in our last review, and I’ll say it again. I still think the event is overpriced, considering its short length of 45 minutes. I understand that the seating is limited and production must be fairly expensive. However, if I was pinching pennies, this wouldn’t be an event I’d splurge on. Still, Chris and I both had a great time and I’m glad I had the opportunity to see both incarnations of the show.





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