Micah Cover’s Haunted House Calls- A Hauntingly Magical Review

(Postcard by Sebastian Muñoz)

The team here at All Hallows’ Haunts (@HallowsHaunts) had the privilege of attending a special sneak preview of the latest project from our good friends at Force of Nature Productions: Micah Cover’s Haunted House Calls. The show is an original creation by the show’s star, Micah Cover (@MicahCover). Force of Nature Productions founder, Sebastian Muñoz (@CiNeMaMaN8), serves as producer, director and tech magician.

As we entered the theatre, we were greeted by chilling music and unearthly sounds. The seats were covered to give the appearance that the theatre was old, haunted by the ghosts of past. The doors close and Professional Magician and AMA/Magic Castle Member, Micah Cover, enters and, over the course of the evening, tells a ghost story through magic- the story of two souls separated by fate, time and tragedy. The audience was transported back to 1945 and watched through magic, the story of these doomed lovers, all the while entranced by the magic and mystery of the evening- ultimately by the end, the audience was graced by the presence of the ghosts of the doomed lovers.

20160506_115717(Photo by Sebastian Muñoz)

The show made for a hauntingly magical night. Micah crafted the tale so well that the audience is entranced by the story. With the structure of the show, its audience interactive, with members throughout the evening joining Micah on stage as he weaves them into the tale.

Micah Cover is the true gem of this show. His personality, showmanship and his skill as a master magician created the perfect recipe for an amazing night. He engages the audience, has moments of pure comedy and these amazing moments as he clearly feels the torment and pain the doomed lovers went through as they were torn apart from one another.

There are moments where you laugh and moments where you cry. But you are always amazed and interested. There are no dull or unnecessary moments in the show. It’s a wonderfully crafted evening of magic, ghosts and theatre.

HHC RLT & Red(Photo by Micah Cover)

Honestly, this is a show that shouldn’t be missed. It’s fun, magical and spooky- The perfect combination to an amazing night.

Haunted House Calls runs for three nights only- May 20th, 21st, and 22nd at 8pm. Tickets are $20 and can be bought at fonprods.tix.com . This is a limited engagement with 30 seats available per show. That means only 90 people will get to see the show. And at the time of this writing, tickets are going fast. Haunted House Calls take place at The Actors Group Theatre- 2813 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505.

For more information on Haunted House Calls, visit http://www.hauntedhousecalls.com. For more info on this show, please visit http://www.fonproductions.com and follow them on Twitter- @fonprods .


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