What is The Tension Experience?

Over the weekend, the team here at All Hallows’ Haunts received a cryptic email from the OOA Institute, the group behind the growing internet phenomenon, The Tension Experience. We were intrigued by the message and were compelled to share:


“Greetings be to you the Unanointed Ones,

Our hope is by now you have heard our name mentioned in your circles of the macabre. For those still in darkness, allow us to bring you towards the light.

We are what fear aspires to be.

What is The Tension Experience? That’s the question a loyal group of haunt enthusiasts have been asking themselves since signing up for the engaging, multi-faceted and completely unpredictable journey that has had them all plunging into the deepest depths of their own human psyches, all while piecing together the pieces of the Tension puzzle over the last few months.

For those who aren’t exactly sure just what The Tension Experience is, the OOA Institute isn’t prepared to fully lift the curtain quite yet, but we thought hearing from those who have already begun their journey towards Ascension might help those interested in deciding whether or not to participate. As the OOA likes to remind its Apostles, you will only get what you put in, making Tension a wholly unique and personal experience for each and every applicant.

Indoctrination begins this Fall, 2016 in Los Angeles, California and the OOA Institute would encourage those interested in the taking the path to enlightenment to visit The Tension Experience website at http://thetensionexperience.com/ to begin your journey today. Applicants can also find out more about the mysterious circumstances of Tension by visiting our Facebook page and following us both on Twitter and Instagram.”


As I’ve said, our curiosity has been peaked. Who else is looking to begin their journey towards Ascension? The Tension Experience has been one of the most unique haunt experiences with absolutely amazing viral campaign that is addicting, creepy, and fun. We can only speculate and imagine what will happen when indoctrination begins this fall. We can hardly wait to see what the OOA Institute has in store.

Be sure to follow All Hallows’ Haunts as more information about The Tension Experience emerges…


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