The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale Review


Warning, this will be a spoiler filled review. If you do not wish to know what happens, please stop reading now.

Ok. Wow. What a way to end a season! We finally get to see Negan in all his ruthless glory. Fans of the comic books have been waiting to see Negan, and we certainly got one big massive taste of what he is capable of. Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Watchmen), Negan casually explains to the captured Alexandrians (Rick, Carl, Michonne, Darryl, Maggie, Glenn, Abraham, Eugene, Aaron, and Rosita) that he is about to kill one of them with his barbed wire covered baseball bat named Lucille. Boy does her ever go to town on one of them.

The closing shot is from the point of view of the unknown victim. Negan takes Lucille, and bashes the victim in the head, THWACK. The camera goes blurry as blood trickles down the screen and the sounds of the screams of the other survivors get muffled. Another hit, THWACK, the camera goes black and the sounds of the screams fade away. THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. Credits.

This cliffhanger will undoubtedly spawn countless fan theories about who the victim is. The scene is lifted straight out of the comic, and the victim in the comic is Glenn, but we know that the show doesn’t always follow the comic book to the letter.

Keep in mind, this all happens in the last fifteen minutes of the episode. The episode is centered around two groups of the Alexandrians, the group mentioned above, and Morgan and Carol. In my opinion, I think that the Carol’s story arc this season deserves its own review, which we will post once we get a chance to sit down and watch Season 6 from start to finish one of these weekends.

The other arc in this episode is Rick’s group trying to get Maggie medical treatment for, what appears to be, complications with her pregnancy. The group loads up the mobile home and sets out for Hill Top. They run into a number of road blocks set by Negan’s group before being captured.

The episode did feel slow at time, but does ramp up at the end.  I loved the theme of the repercussions that each group suffers by deciding to spare the lives of the random people they encountered earlier in the season. We also get to see the effect that living in a kill or be killed, world has on the Alexandrians. We see Carol decide to leave Alexandria as a means of escaping the person she has has become (a very efficient killer). I also loved how each of Negan’s road blocks that Rick’s group kept running into  became more and more elaborate. It gave off the sense that Negan’s group is very efficient and well organized as they play the cat and mouse game with Rick’s group.

I cannot wait for October to come around to see how this all plays out.  Stay tuned!


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