Dexter to return to Showtime?


The possibility of a Dexter revival has been kicked around since the disappointing series finale. However, it seems that finally the showrunners, the actors, and the fans are all on the same page. David Nevins the President of Showtime has stated that he would like to bring Dexter back, but would only do so if Michael C. Hall agreed to return to the show. After all, what would Dexter be without its titular character.

For his part, Hall has indicated that he would never play Dexter again. During the last couple seasons, he repeatedly expressed his disdain for the direction the show was taking. It’s only recently that Hall has changed his tune and said he’d consider reprising his role as America’s favorite serial killer. Unfortunately, Hall has been missing from both the big screen and the small screen for the past couple years. Despite his roles in Six Feet Under and Dexter, Hall hasn’t been booking major roles. Perhaps his career hasn’t taken off the way he hoped it would.


Nevins has also stated that he’d like Jennifer Carpenter to return. Those who stuck around through the entire 8th season, will understand why bringing Deb back will require some plot acrobatics on the part of the writers. No word yet from Carpenter on whether or not she’d be willing to play Deb again.

At this time there is no set date for the return of Dexter. According to the network when and if the show returns it’s likely to come back as a mini series rather than a full season. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Dexter and his dark passenger back in action or is it time to let this series die?



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