Wizard World Las Vegas 2016

 There are many benefits to living in Los Angeles. We have some of the most beautiful beaches; we are in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world, access to a wide diversity of culture and the most delicious food ever. But there is also the added benefit of only a short four hour drive from sin city- Las Vegas, the home of Wizard World Comic Con! So, knowing it was our duty to bring you the latest information from Wizard World (www.wizardworld.com , @WizardWorld), the All Hallows’ Haunts team packed their bags and sun screen, and headed like a bat out of Hell to Vegas.

 Now, this was my second time heading to Las Vegas Wizard World Comic Con. I was fortunate enough to visit last year’s event, and I was blown away. The event was so large, but so well organized that you always had something new to do. The celebrity list they had put together was outstanding, and each special guest made sure to make each interaction special. This is something that can’t always be done at the San Diego Comic Con because of its size. But that was okay. This smaller than San Diego event was amazing and I had the time of my life. You can imagine that I was obviously expecting the same thing when we went this year. That was not entirely the case.

Leading up to the weeks before the convention, most of the headliners, including Doctor Who’s Matt Smith and Karen Gillian, canceled their appearance, as well as several others. This is sadly a common theme I’ve noticed over the last two years as a similar thing happened at last year’s convention and other Wizard World conventions. The company isn’t very good about communication that as when we arrived their were numerous fans who traveled from all over the country to meet Matt Smith only to find out that he canceled. I’ll be honest when I say that he was one of the few I was hoping to meet, and I was disappointed, but there were other celebrities I wanted to see. At that point, we moved on to the vendor’s hall.

Now anyone who has ever been to a convention of any kind knows that the vendor’s hall is one of the best part of any convention- it’s where you get your geek on and stock up on really cool and fantastic collectibles. I was a little disappointed to see that the vendor’s hall was much smaller than last year. Though it was smaller, the caliber was still very high. Everything from comics to replica props to autographs and more were everywhere.

 Even with the smaller size, the convention was still highly enjoyable. The panels were more intimate and celebrities could play more. Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy was physically in the audience to talk to the guests. WWE’s Paige was able to really spend time with children who came to see her. The All Hallows’ Haunts team had an awesome time getting to know Dr. Travis Langley (@Superherologist), author of Batman and Psychology, who presented two amazing panels on Batman and on Captain America Vs. Iron Man. We also had the privilege of meeting Robert J. Peterson (@robertjpeterson) author and founder of California Coldblood Books (@CalifColdblood), whose book Omegaball comes out this August.

 Even with it being smaller than last year, Wizard World Comic Con was still a lot of fun and worth the price of admission ($75 for 3 days!). It is definitely the case of quality outweighs quantity. And that is what we got at Wizard World- Quality. That’s something you can beat.

 A personal favorite aspect to any convention is all all the awesome people you meet. The fans are the most important part to any convention and we had the privilege to meet some amazing folks and to witness some incredible cosplay. We also had the opportunity to take a few pics with the cast of Evil Dead The Musical at the convention.

 Now, you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with horror, haunts and Halloween? Well, the beautiful thing about any comic con is that it doesn’t just deal with comic books- it also deals with TV, Comedy, Sci-Fi and Horror. Frequently, The Walking Dead and Horror Icons are a staple item at any comic con these days. Comic cons don’t discriminate or single anything or anyone out. Everything and everyone is welcome. That’s very special.

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