Breaking News- ScareLA Under New Management?

scareLA_logoLate last night, Popular Theme Park Blog site Theme Park Adventure ( , @TPAMagazine) announced that they, along with original ScareLA founders Rick West and Johanna Atilano, will no longer be affiliated with ScareLA ( , @ScareLosAngeles) . According to TPA’s facebook page:


We regret to announce that effective immediately, Theme Park Adventure is no longer affiliated with ScareLA in any way. Johanna and Rick will remain supportive and active within the haunt community, and are resolved to have a stronger, more proactive presence than ever before. Thank you all for your kind words, support, and love. We won’t let our community down.


This is clearly a shock to the haunt community as ScareLA has become the marquee event, where most major Halloween announcements from haunts and theme parks are made for the year.

At the moment, ScareLA will go on as planned. Tickets went live this morning and can be purchased on their website. We have not yet learned who will be running ScareLA or how this change will impact the show and the haunt community.

Please be sure to check back with All Hallows’ Haunts for future updates on this story, as well as other information on Horror, Haunt and Halloween events in Southern California.

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