Breaking News!- The Walking Dead Year-round Attraction Coming to Universal Studios Hollywood

  Universal Studios Hollywood and AMC have just announced that a brand new “The Walking Dead” year-round attraction will be coming to Universal Studios Hollywood this summer!

From the official press release: 

This summer, fans can venture into the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead at Universal Studios Hollywood in an all-new, year-round attraction.

Follow in the survivors’ footsteps for a fully immersive journey, using both animatronics and live performers — the next best thing to actually being on The Walking Dead.

The attraction’s landscapes, special effects, props, staging, costumes and makeup were all created in collaboration with the show’s award-winning production team, including executive producer and director Greg Nicotero.

This is definitely exciting news for all of us Walking Dead fanatics! As of now, there is not official start date, but Summer is only a few months away! Stay tuned to All Hallows’ Haunts for more details as they come! 

For a copy of the press release from Inside Universal,  please visit 


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