Why We Missed Alone


Hello fellow haunt enthusiasts, Alone has just ended and regretfully we did not attend. The tickets for the event were set at $85, and that’s out of our price range. (Keep in mind you can do Knott’s for half that!) We love that haunts are generating so much revenue, but we still can’t justify the expense.We understand that Alone offers a unique experience, that might require an extra expense, but it’s just too much for us working class weirdos to afford.

We were all very sad to have to skip it. We’ve heard good things about Alone. We saw some of what it has to offer at Scare LA, and we’ve been dying to know more. Despite it being so high priced, the event sold out immediately. We wanted to provide our readers with more information on this haunt phenomena, so we reached out to the creative forces behind the “existential haunting”. We tried several methods of contacting them, and at this time we have received no response.

We realize that part of Alone’s appeal is that it is shrouded in mystery. They reveal very little regarding the nature of the events they put on. Even the location of the haunt is kept secret until the last minute. However, we’re still hoping  to hear back so that we can keep you informed.

How do you feel about the  price? Anyone attend Alone?  Let us know in the comments below!


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