What happened to Séance?


As you’ve all read, the All Hallows Haunts team attended Séance, by Sinister Pointe, featuring Medium Scott Michael. Was it an enjoyable fun night? Yes. Could it have been improved? Sure. It was the first iteration of something that we, collectively, were looking forward to see grow.

We weren’t expecting this:

An apology from Sinister Pointe Productions.

An apology? For putting on an enjoyable evening? We’re intrigued.

Sinister Pointe’s most recent show “SEANCE” was highly anticipated by both guests and ourselves. It was a show that was to be unique and different.
During final rehearsals of the show we invited friends and family to experience the show. We realized at the last moment we may have a problem. When we initially designed the show, we based it off of suggestions from various friends, family, fan, etc. They expressed interest in simply partaking in a real actual “SEANCE”. So that is what we initially did. We designed a beautiful set to host a “REAL” Seance. We quickly realized after our soft opening that the guests don’t really want a “REAL” Seance. Unless a “REAL” seance was going to produce REAL ghosts!
We were stuck in a lose lose situation. Half of the guests expected something real and the other half expected an over the top high tech show. We frantically raced to modify each show over the weekend in an attempt to improve the show but we fell short. If we changed it to one thing, the guests expected the opposite.
We have since postponed the remaining shows until further notice as we completely reformat the show and truly make it an unforgettable experience.
This is disappointing, but we have to respect a company that steps back and says, “Wait. This isn’t what we wanted.” Hopefully, this hiatus will help the show grow into what the creators were imagining.
We’re glad that  we made it out to the show and look forward to the next step in the evolution of Sinister Pointe. We’ll keep you updated with further developments.

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