Horror Movie Review: The Id

The following review may contain SPOILERS for The Id.


The Id, written by Sean Stewart and directed/produced by Thommy Hutson, tells the story of middle-aged woman Meredith (Amanda Wyss), who is the full-time care giver to her invalid and emotionally abusive Father (Patrick Peduto). Her only happiness comes from her memories of  her high school love Ted (Malcom Matthews).


Although the pacing at the beginning is slow, the film does a wonderful job at building tension and suspense throughout as it sets up the abusive relationship between Meredith and her Father.  Whenever Meredith escapes to her fantasies about her high school love Ted, her Father’s cries drag her back into the hell that is her current life. The pace does start to pick up when Ted calls wanting to get together to catch up.

The internal struggle between caring for her Father, and the potential realization of fulfilling her fantasy of seeing Ted again, culminates with her drowning her Father in the bathtub during one of his sponge baths. From that point on, Meredith fights to cope with guilt of drowning her Father while attempting to cover up the murder.  There is a scene where Ted does show up to Meredith’s for their lunch date.  It is so delightfully and painfully awkward, that it is almost worth the price of admission itself.

If there is a weakness with the film, then it is the pacing at the beginning. However, once the movie gets going, it is a great thrill ride through the mental deterioration of Meredith. I highly recommend this film to anyone who likes psychological thrillers with hints of horror and comedy tossed in.


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