Classic Horror Movie Review Of The Week- “A Nightmare On Elm Street” (1984)

a-nightmare-on-elm-street-posterContributed by Andy Shultz

SPOILER WARNING! This review contains a synopsis of the film. If you haven’t seen the movie and wish not to be spoiled, watch the film and then read. If you have seen it, read the review and watch it again!

This week’s review is one of my all-time favorite horror movies and the only one to scare me as a child- “A Nightmare On Elm Street”. The teenagers of Elm Street are slowly being killed by a monster in their dreams- Freddy Krueger. Robert Englund stars as the legendary dream monster, Freddy Krueger. Freddy was a former janitor/child murderer. When the townspeople discovered of his release from jail, they burned him alive. Years later, the town has forgotten Krueger. All seems to be well in suburbia. Then, the town’s teenagers begin to dream of Freddy. They soon realize that if Freddy gets them in their dreams, they die in real life too. Young protagonist, Nancy, played by Heather Langenkamp, is determined to stop Freddy. She discovers that by holding on to him as she wakes up, she is able to pull him into the real world, thus making him vulnerable. Nancy then realizes his power only comes from her fear. Choosing not to be afraid, the final blow to Freddy is delivered. Ultimately, Nancy defeats him and saves the day… or so we thought. In true slasher movie fashion, Freddy shows up again before the credits rolls, signaling a sequel. It’s a visual masterpiece as we watch how Freddy gets them in the end!

As I said earlier, this is one of my all-time favorite horror movies and the only one to scare me as a child. Just like the kids on Elm Street, nightmares were the one place where my parents couldn’t protect me. For years, I’ve had this recurring nightmare of Freddy running across the hills in my city looking for me, screaming my name. After all these years I still get the chills watching it, I’m almost afraid to go to sleep after seeing it.

Freddy Krueger is the perfect monster. He is pure evil and full of hate. The punishments he unleashes upon his victims are relentless and violent. His ability to control his victim’s nightmares adds to his wickedness so nicely. It becomes almost a sport at times. As the body count rises, the audience waits in suspense to see who Freddy is going to get next.

The film would go on to launch a very successful franchise, with numerous sequels, and a crossover with “Friday The 13th.” Even though the crossover wasn’t that great, it’s still fun to watch the showdown between the two horror icons. There was a 2010 remake that attempted to return the franchise to its original roots, but missed the mark.

Heart of Summer

It is also very important to note that in addition to launching Englund into fame as Freddy Krueger, “A Nightmare On Elm Street” was also the feature film debut of Johnny Depp.

Check back next week as our very own, Lola Tarantula, will be reviewing the classic film, “Then Hunger.”

Sweet dreams everyone!

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